As a virtual world and gateway to the future, the metaverse allows humans to simulate various activities that are usually carried out in the real world, such as holding concerts, playing games and owning land.

Metaverse Summit was held on July 16 and 17 in the beautiful city of Paris. Its main aim was to celebrate the metaverse’s technology and creativity. People from Metaverse Summit included leading metaverse entrepreneurs, builders, investors and experts to discuss and collaborate on the metaverse’s future.

Metaverse Summit started with its founder Yingzi Yuan talking about the gateway to the future of the metaverse, followed by Sebastien Borget, who stated the importance of the open nonfungible token (NFT) metaverse. Many important speakers, such as Diego Di Tommaso, Jonathan Brun, Liko Subakti, John Keh and others, gave a very illuminating vision of their future metaverse.

The unraveling potential of the metaverse and the opportunities therein were the key points discussed during the summit. The metaverse provides artists with the opportunity to revolutionize the art world and sell their artwork online. Art collectors can accumulate art that reflects their personal taste and keep it for generational wealth.

Into the Metaverse NFTs and digital art were also part of Metaverse Summit. Numerous artists like Arke, Gydravlik, Yura Miron, Rvig Art, Agoria and others were on display for attendees to explore the potential of digital art.

Various important social issues — such as how to protect women in the metaverse, child safety, mental health, and making the metaverse immune to gender- and color-based racism — were discussed to make the nascent space better for the general public seeking to access it.

More than 1000 people attended the summit, and all were fascinated by the technological advancements on display. The core value of Metaverse Summit’s community was to share knowledge, which is the most sustainable way to develop a decentralized and fertile metaverse future.

Metaverse Summit helped individuals and businesses define their position and strategy in the future of technology by bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. Through the inclusion of women and underrepresented groups, who are often relegated to secondary positions in the tech field, Metaverse Summit focused on opening the doors of diversity in the Web3 industry. 

“We are honored to host the first-ever, women-led international metaverse convention and festival in Paris. Web3 adoption is critical to the advancement of women, and Metaverse Summit is thrilled to contribute to this initiative,” said Yuan. 

Metaverse Summit organized a Global Metaverse Startup Competition, in which more than 150 companies applied to participate. Thirty of them were selected to pitch at the event. The best design nomination award was won by Ristband, the best mixed-reality nomination was awarded to Kinetix and the best creator economy was awarded to Meta-Adventure.

The Metaverse Startup Award had various initiatives to encourage entrepreneurs, providing thought-leadership platforms and developing innovative solutions for organizations committed to closing the gender gap in the workplace. Investors got the opportunity to meet the winners of the Metaverse Startup Competition and learn more about metaverse-related entrepreneurs and skills.

Metaverse Summit also organized the One Night in Metaverse gala party, which was held at L’Atelier des Lumières. The party was utterly successful, as there were music, drinks and, most importantly, cheerful people.

Metaverse Summit was mainly sponsored by The Sandbox game, which is the third-largest metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, share and monetize their assets and gaming experiences. People can own assets, play, build and own their properties and in-game assets in the virtual world.

Many other significant sponsors, like Project Seed, Caduceus, Unstoppable Domains, Lighthouse, Interverse, Over, Metav.RS, Rlty and Blockchain Game Alliance, played a key role in making the summit successful.

With a vision to build an inclusive Web3 community, the two-day conference in Paris included several events, including seminars and training sessions by renowned business leaders and professionals. This event was such a success in the community that the organizers decided to continue organizing Metaverse Summit in different parts of Europe and soon around the globe.

About Metaverse Summit

Metaverse Summit gathers entrepreneurs, builders, investors and experts to explore and build the future of the metaverse together. This year, Metaverse Summit hosted the first female-founded Web3 conference to explore and build the metaverse’s future together. The two-day event took place on July 16 and 17 in Paris for the international community to meet in person, discover new collaborations and develop projects.

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