MetaWomxn Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to bring more women and underrepresented communities to the Web3 space and facilitate hiring for engineering and C-level roles, launched today. Research from Crypto Head found that only 4.13% of Web3 entrepreneurs are women. The foundation is focused on providing impactful and quick steps with small deliverables, leveraging connections and experience for its community to help redress the balance.

MetaWomxn Foundation is launching a mentorship platform, metaspace guided education, a foundation with allocations for mentees for Web3 onboarding, career coaching and placement, live events, hackathons, and an investment syndicate to onboard 1,000 women to Web3 in the first year. The foundation is committed to fostering inclusivity in the Web3 and blockchain industry and is a collaborative and neutral DAO.

The team behind MetaWomxn Foundation comprises:

  • Valeriia Panina — expert at the Ministry of Digital Transformation, core of, mentor and curator at Creative and Tech Institute PRJCTR, and former product owner of e-learning large-scale products. 
  • Vladimir Karyshev — chief business development officer and co-founder of Global Ledger protocol, a blockchain forensic startup.
  • Olga Vox is a marketing and communications consultant with 10 years of experience in fundraising for VCs and Web2 and Web3 startups.

“Diversity is not a matter of ethics, morality or filling quotas, but rather a key ingredient in achieving financial success. By embracing a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds, we tap into the full potential of our workforce, drive innovation and ultimately enhance our bottom line,” said Olga Vox, co-founder of MetaWomxn Foundation.

The roadmap for MetaWomxn Foundation includes press and pre-launch events in February, today’s Web2 platform launch, a Web3 platform launch in March to Q2 2023, guided learning paths and a syndicate launch in Q3 2023.

The most recent MetaWomxn Foundation pre-launch event took place during Miami Hack Week and brought together over 150 attendees to discuss important topics related to building inclusive communities and investing in diversity. The event was hosted at the Solana Embassy and included a series of panels featuring speakers from a range of organizations, including the Algorand Foundation, Cosmos, Solana, Founders Institute and OneOf. The presence of such a diverse group of attendees and speakers made Miami Hack Week a unique and valuable event for anyone interested in these critical issues.

MetaWomxn Foundation is proud to have confirmed mentors and partners from top industry companies and educational organizations such as IEEE, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, Cointelegraph Communications, Plug and Play, Parity and BAYC.

The MetaWomxn Foundation site contains more information about its mission and explains how to become a mentor, donate or join as an ambassador.


Olga Vox