MEXC Global, a centralized exchange serving over 6 million users, entered into a collaboration with Avalanche, the fastest blockchain-based platform.

By partnering with Avalanche, MEXC continues its outstanding track record of working strategically with the most promising projects in the blockchain space. This latest collaboration will be similar to previous MEXC integrations with Polygon and Solana.

The Avalanche project will benefit from eco-funding and technical support from MEXC. The resource integration from MEXC will allow Avalanche to expand its ecosystem, enabling more users to build fast and low-cost decentralized applications.

Meanwhile, MEXC users can tap into the Avalanche network, which offers some of the fastest transactions in the blockchain industry and ultra-low fees. 

MEXC is committed to supporting Avalanche with a strategic investment fund to foster the development and success of DApps built on its ecosystem.

MEXC Global always invests in great alliances it truly believes in. This case is no different as MEXC will be setting up an investment fund of $20 million for its collaboration with the Avalanche network. 

Avalanche: An open, programmable blockchain platform

Avalanche is a smart contract platform that enables users to digitize real-world assets on an open, programmable blockchain. The project is run by Ava Labs, a firm founded by computer scientists from Cornell University.

Many in the crypto community view Avalanche as a major breakthrough in decentralized systems. The blockchain platform currency has over 200 projects building on its vast network.

Although it is similar to other base-layer blockchains such as the Binance Smart Chain and Solana, Avalanche stands out due to its unique consensus system and blazingly fast speeds. The blockchain also offers better compatibility with smart contracts running on Ethereum.

Furthermore, Avalanche has more validators securing transactions on its network than any other proof-of-stake protocol. This enhanced security, coupled with high scalability and low costs, gives smart contract-enabled DApps deployed on Avalanche an edge over the competition.

Avalanche offers its native AVAX token, which is currently supported on MEXC Global under a Tether (USDT) trading pair. The latest move by MEXC to forge a collaboration with Avalanche demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to bring resources and offer guidance to high-quality projects. 

The collaboration will help broaden the reach of the blockchain industry and ties in naturally with MEXC’s vision of the global expansion of its crypto-related offerings.

MEXC Global: A leading crypto trading platform

MEXC Global is a cryptocurrency exchange offering one-stop crypto-related services, including margin and spot trading. The centralized exchange boasts a core team of experienced professionals who have worked in world-class financial companies. 

The platform offers the most comprehensive marketplace where participants come together to manage crypto holdings, trade, hedge risks and develop strategies to maximize yields.

Formerly known as MXC, the leading exchange recently rebranded to MEXC Global as it embarks on achieving its goal of global adoption. The exchange is known for its pursuit of global compliance, which has enabled it to expand its world-class services to over 70 countries. 

Users on MEXC enjoy a seamless and limitless trading experience with transaction-matching technology used to maximize earnings from each trade. The global platform also guarantees optimal data integrity, enhanced performance and high speeds of up to 1.4 million transactions per second.

The trading platform offers its native MX token, which is currently trading for $1.12 per data from the top crypto ranking website CoinMarketCap.