MiamiWeb3, the first-of-its-kind institutional Web3 conference taking place from Nov. 28 through 30, 2022, announced its media partners and first batch of sponsors. Together, MiamiWeb3 and its leading media partners, which include Cointelegraph, Coinlive, TyN Media, Techflow and Beosin, will strengthen the summit’s position as a global platform to discuss pressing issues and broaden its reach to every corner of the global Web3 industry.

Strategic sponsors Lumerin, a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling hashpower, and Popoo, a community-run ecosystem where users and creators can participate in a cohesive web3 social hub, position MiamiWeb3 as a platform for players of any size and reach to be part of the conversation.

MiamiWeb3 Summit is a three-day in-person conference hosted by Atlas and its holding company CTH Group, a leading global blockchain ecosystem builder, along with the City of Miami. MiamiWeb3 convenes industry leaders in Web3, venture capital, digital assets, financial services and government to discuss “Going beyond crypto to embrace Web3” as well as emerging trends that are driving the growth and adoption of Web3 technology.

Web3 relies on a wide range of technologies and stakeholders that power these ecosystems. To capture the full extent of perspectives, MiamiWeb3 invites sponsors across all layers of the technology stack to capture this unique opportunity – no matter if they are established in the field, or innovative entrepreneurs are looking to guide growth of the industry.

Raymond Yuan, founder and chairman of CTH and Atlas, said:

“As we are witnessing this once-in-a-generation leap from Web2 to Web3, MiamiWeb3 is bringing the ecosystem together to discuss and shape Web3 in a sustainable and equitable manner. As a global company focused on underpinning the future of Web3, we believe the time for these discussions is now.”

More details of the conference can be found on the site.

About Atlas

Headquartered in Singapore, Atlas is a global Web3 infrastructure-as-a-service group that drives the evolution of Web3 — the next phase of the internet. The company offers a broad range of value-added services, including application-specific computing, node infrastructure, networking, hardware, API support and storage for the Web3 ecosystem.

Atlas is committed to being a global leading next-generation Web3 infrastructure provider that advocates sustainable growth, green energy adoption, power usage efficiency and stability to drive the Web3 evolution.

About TyN Media

TyN Magazine was born 25 years ago when no one was talking about disruptive technologies yet. It was always a pioneer in showing its readers where the technological world was advancing and what things were going to mark people’s lives. The magazine always seeks to differentiate itself through in-depth research work, contacting the leaders of different markets to listen to their ideas and be able to transmit them in the notes that appear daily on the portal. Today, TyN continues to publish the most important things daily for which its readers should know to make decisions, in areas such as cryptoeconomics, the digital economy, digital banking and the greatest advances in artificial intelligence and telecommunications.

About Beosin

Beosin is a Singapore-based leading global blockchain security company co-founded by several professors from world-renowned universities. The team consists of 100 security experts with a combined 40 Ph.D.s. With the mission of securing the Web3 ecosystem, Beosin provides integrated blockchain security products and services to more than 1 million users in the global blockchain ecosystem, including smart contract audits, blockchain risk monitoring and alerts, Crypto KYT/KYC and crypto tracing.

About Lumerin

Lumerin is revolutionizing Bitcoin mining with a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling hashpower. The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum mainnet where miners and users can trade crypto mining computer power in a decentralized manner.

About Popoo

Popoo is the next-generation content gateway to accelerate the Web3 social revolution. Its mission is to build a smart-contract-based experience designed for social needs and create a permissionless way to distribute content between creators and the community. The Popoo ecosystem will be a platform that aggregates content, entertainment, intellectual property, social media, in order to create a community-run ecosystem where users and creators can participate in a cohesive Web3 social hub.