MinexCoin is proud to announce that its ICO (Initial Cryptocurrency Offering) has started on May 15th, 2017 (GMT) and will last 30 days. A total of 150,000 MinexCoins will be available.

During the ICO, the total amount of coins will be distributed and the exchange rate will be calculated at the end. Through this ICO, MinexCoin a maximum amount of 1500 BTC can be donated after what, the ICO will be closed. It has to be noted that prior on December, 2016, MinexCoin has already raised 1127 BTC with success through their first round (pre-ICO). The team was honored by this solid token of trust shown by a wide number of very early investors.

During the first days, a 50% bonus investment will be allocated to the contributors. Indeed, MinexCoin aims at rewarding those who give their trust and provide with their resources early in this ICO.

Because one of MinexCoin’s priority is to continue ensuring trust and that contributors invest safely, the ICO will be ESCROWED using a multisignature wallet. Moreover, investors are provided with all the information regarding the team as well as the roadmap.

The team: https://blog.minecoin.org/ meet-minexcoin-team-advisors- and-partners-10a0c814843b
White paper: https://minexcoin.com/html/ download/wpeng.pdf

MinexCoin aims to create the first digital asset that will be used as a currency with the advantages of the blockchain technology and master the main drawback of a cryptocurrency that denies its mass adoption : volatility
Furthermore, MinexCoin’s growth will be supported by the MinexEcosystem, which will also provide a broad range of services (digital asset creation, volatility control, trading…) designed solely for the purpose of facilitating the coin’s wide adoption.

Boris SHULYAEV (CEO) founded one of the largest mining farm in Europe and has earned his stripes as a company leader by managing several public and private companies. Being also a professional economist, his unique range of skills makes him particularly suited to steer Minexcoin’s ambitions.
"Minexcoin is the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is designed with the necessary features to act as a stable currency. The embedded vision as well as the entire ecosystem around it will pave the way for a flourishing new era of payment," said Boris SHULYAEV, MinexCoin CEO.
A solid amount of investment has already been raised and there is no doubts as to whether or not the project will complete the second round. The only question that asks for an answer is the following : “will you be part of the adventure by investing and contributing to the project’s success?”

Company name: MinexSystems
Company site: https://minexcoin.com/
Company contacts: irina@minexcoin.com