With the notion surrounding the crypto industry becoming more accepted by the day, the highly anticipated Monaco Crypto Summit is bringing together world-class industry leaders and experts this summer to discuss all things cryptocurrency and the future of the industry in the heart of the French Riviera. 

The prestigious Grimaldi Forum, based in the heart of Monte Carlo, Monaco, will be hosting the Monaco Crypto Summit this summer on July 29, focusing on the future of crypto through interactive discussions and a series of announcements of new partnerships and products. Being held in what can be argued as one of the most luxurious and prestigious locations in the world, the Monaco Crypto Summit is sure to give guests only the best VIP treatment with a host of exclusive speakers, auctions, an after party and more. Dustin Plantholt, crypto editor for Forbes Monaco, and Rachel Wolfson, senior reporter with Cointelegraph, will jointly MC the summit. 

The summit will be followed by a VIP gala dinner at the Yacht Club de Monaco with expected guests including Prince Albert II of Monaco and Al Burgio, the founder of the ultimate blockchain for brands, DigitalBits. Attendees can expect an extensive list of special guests and speakers in attendance, which can be found on the event’s official website and social channels. Some key points that attendees can expect to be covered during the summit will surround the ins and outs of how people are currently using the DigitalBits blockchain, along with  new product announcements that are leveraging DigitalBits. In conjunction with that, we will see an exclusive NFT auction that will take place during the course of the VIP gala dinner. The launch of a new DEX platform will also be unveiled at the summit, along with a list of organizations and projects that will be using this platform.

“The crypto industry is rapidly evolving and maturing by the day, which is why a community-wide update — led by some of the world’s leading experts — is now truly needed more than ever before. The summit will highlight this emerging new asset class called cryptocurrency, discuss the many benefits to blockchain, reveal the most innovative projects, and announce dynamic new global partnerships and initiatives. We are eager to meet and welcome all our esteemed Monaco guests to what will be an epic summer event held on July 29,” said Plantholt.

Crypto enthusiasts and investors are all welcome at the Monaco Crypto Summit this July 2022, having the opportunity to not only be the first in line to learn about the latest projects but also indulge in the expertise of industry leaders. More news and information is available on the site.

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