The web version of Lumi wallet has just added 900 ERC-20 tokens to its portfolio. The web client of Lumi Wallet launched just a few months ago, and this is the first major expansion of its token base.

Options to easily swap between cryptocurrency assets are becoming more and more important, while new tokens and blockchain solutions keep emerging. Lumi has been keeping pace with these trends - already in February of 2018, Lumi released ERC-20 tokens for the iOS version. Now the youngest product of the Lumi family has embraced them as well.

From the very beginning, Lumi had a vision of a cross-platform, multi-token ecosystem, inside of which users could conduct all necessary crypto-transactions. That’s why, from supporting BTC only, Lumi Wallet expanded to BCH, ETH, and then to the ERC family. And that’s why the same footsteps are essential for the web version, which, in other aspects such as privacy and usability, is completely identical to the mobile app.

The development team has been collecting a list of ERC-20 tokens for a long time and has tried to include the best ones available like CTXC by Cortex, LOC by LockTrip, ODEM, Free Coin, Telcoin,  MakerDao, Dentacoin, Loopring and others. But if a decent token was left aside - you are welcome to list it, just drop a line at or fill in this form.

The next important step for the web version of Lumi Wallet - much anticipated since its deployment - going open source. And this is happening - with a lot of minor upgrades along the way - this summer.