The Nav Coin Foundation has announced the date of November 1st for the launch their new and improved platform. This is news users and investors have been eagerly awaiting, as the update will see the return of Nav Coin’s anonymous transaction service. Nav Coin core developers have been working on rebuilding the platform since January. Nav Coin has always championed security and privacy, and the new infrastructure was designed with these features taking top priority. As well as bringing the anonymous transaction service back online, the new infrastructure will also allow the Nav Team to safely and efficiently decentralize the platform in coming months.

“We are coming fast to the point where we can decentralize the anonymous network. As well as the inherent benefits that come with decentralization, this will also allow users to run their own servers and earn Nav Coins for processing transactions.”

- Craig MacGregor

Supporting the launch was a Thunderclap campaign and a giveaway of 20,000 Nav Coins. Thunderclap is a crowd-speaking platform that allows a message to be mass-shared if a certain level of support is met. Thanks to an army of loyal Nav Coin fans the Thunderclap was wildly successful. It was the largest campaign the crowd speaking platform has ever seen from a cryptocurrency. A message announcing the relaunch was blasted out to well over half a million people on Twitter and Facebook.

With the relaunch completed the Nav Coin team will prepare for decentralization and focus their efforts on payment gateways and merchant integration. These real world applications offer countless exciting growth opportunities. Although the currency has been around since 2014, it has seen a growth spurt this year with an extensive list of completed projects and some serious innovation. The Nav Coin Foundation also recently recruited a volunteer developer from the community to work on some side projects. Like anything, growth is the key and Nav Coin is consistently moving forward with robust new features.

Nav Coin has proven to be a platform that constantly delivers and is constantly evolving. The growing ecosystem of offerings shows this isn’t just another anonymous coin but a mature platform with a class leading anonymous service for those that require it. As anonymous transactions continue to increase, there’s no doubt Nav Coin is a solid contender for the top spot. With a growing number of world first accomplishments, Nav Coin is a currency with some real pedigree.

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