In late July the Nav Team announced that their electrum mobile wallet is live. This news came off the back of a successful coin swap giving Nav Coin a modern code base that is a platform for a huge range of new possible features. One such feature already released since the upgrade is the POS web wallet available at

NAV is starting to get gain serious interest from investors, with a price increase following each new feature. The interest being driven by Nav Coin remaining on the cutting edge of crypto technology. They now have claim to releasing the world’s first mobile wallet for an X13 coin. Which is in fact their 2nd world first in the crypto world. Nav Coin was previously dubbed the world’s first fully anonymous cryptocurrency after releasing their Anonymous Transaction Network which runs using a private subchain.

The new mobile wallet uses it’s own custom version of Electrum which the Nav Team have open sourced on their github account.

The Nav Team, being a proof of stake coin, like to keep things light and user friendly which is why they built wallet using their own custom version of Electrum.

“We chose to use an electrum based wallet because of their extraordinary lightweight technology. No one wants to carry the blockchain around on their phone, and we love Electrum’s light-chain”

- the Nav Team

The light chain essentially checks in with the blockchain occasionally to confirm the transaction headings rather than downloading the whole block.

The other features of note the Nav Team listed in their announcement are:

“It has improved battery and data usage because of its light chain (the data use is near zero.) It is always on and ready to use, as there’s no need for the block chain to catch up. The entire wallet takes up only 6MB of space, which is 1% of what other wallets use.  It is ridiculously secure; all the keys are stored on and never leave your device and your wallet can be encrypted with a password to prevent malware and thieves stealing our coins. You also won’t need to stress if you lose your device as the wallet also has an easy back up, and you can retrieve your coins with a simple twelve-word mnemonic.

The wallet has capabilities of also storing Bitcoin & Litecoin and exchanging between them using When Nav Coin gets added to shapeshift users can exchange directly from BTC or LTC to NAV directly within the wallet without having to sign up to an exchange.

The other thing we really like about our new mobile wallet is it’s capacity for growth. Our open source code will be available on github and you can build and add your own features or even fork it for use with any other X13 coin!”

- the Nav Team.

To add the storm, Nav Coin developer Craig Macgregor offered 100 free NAV coinst to the first 1000 people to download the wallet on twitter, which cause a flurry of downloads. And something of a cryptocurrency twitter craze.

So It may be time to join the craze put some NAV in your back pocket and take a stroll on the waterfront, all without draining your battery

The future’s looking bright for the Nav team and their investors. As this wallet come in step of a long list of anticipated new features including: an iOS version of mobile wallet, a thin client for desktop, a raspberry pi stakeing unit and the highly anticipated decentralisation of the anonymous network.

They also have their sights set on their third world first title: anonymous transactions from a mobile wallet.

To download the Nav Coin wallet go to or seach the google play store.

You can purchase NAV through any of the exchanges listed here

For instruction on how to download and use a Nav Coin wallet and any information on new features go to