Near House by Supermoon Camp is an eight-day experience that brings together selected builders and founders from the Near protocol ecosystem during ETH Denver. Supermoon Camp has prepared a packed agenda for the house where builders and founders will be able to participate in a series of in-depth conversations and hacking activities.

Every morning will begin with a Builders Breakfast, when founders and builders may participate in team-building activities and in-depth discussions about Near Protocol. The curated ETH Denver agenda will provide the builders and founders with a chance to maximize their experience at the event. Supermoon Camp will host brainstorm sessions aimed at exploring growth and adoption strategies for the Near ecosystem.

Near House ETH Denver is a hub where innovative startups may find support as they launch their projects and foster the growth of the Near ecosystem. Supermoon Station will host interviews and panel discussions with builders at the house while broadcasting Near House: Behind the Scenes to give an opportunity to the wider Near and Supermoon community to join in on the conversations.

This time, Near House will be welcoming leading projects from the Near ecosystem including Near Social, MetaPool, MintBase, Banyan Collective, Here wallet, Sonic wallet, Few and Far, Orderly Network, Boto and others. Near Protocol founder Illia Polosukhin will visit the house to greet the builders and join the conversation. 

Supermoon Camp is dedicated to providing unparalleled experiences for the crypto and Web 3 communities, fostering innovation and promoting growth among builders and founders. More opportunities are outlined on the Supermoon Camp site.