Nonfungible token (NFT) and play-to-earn (P2E) games are quickly gaining massive traction and excitement among players worldwide and in emerging markets. The problem currently is that NFT games can be complex and too expensive to get started with: Many games suit only one type of player, which limits their user bases and overall popularity.

Introducing Nest Arcade

Nest Arcade is one of the first P2E and NFT-gaming platforms for hyper-casual games on the Solana blockchain. The project is powered by Solana: a lightning fast-blockchain allowing fast transactions and close to zero fees. It’s currently ranked as the eighth-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Nest Arcade’s goal is to remove all friction in P2E gaming and envisions itself as the Netflix or App Store of P2E. Launching on mobile first will allow Nest Arcade to tap into a massive user base, especially in emerging markets. Each game will have NFT and P2E support that allows users to earn NEST tokens while playing.

What is the NEST token?

NEST is a Solana program library token that can be traded like any cryptocurrency and converted to fiat. NEST fuels Nest Arcade’s economy and is limited to 1 billion tokens, with no more tokens ever made. Players will be rewarded for their skills and effort in NEST. Players will be able to spend their NEST for power-ups and buy NFTs on Nest Arcade’s marketplace.

Additionally, players will use their NEST to enter tournaments for a chance to win other players’ NEST tokens. NEST staking will allow users to receive a portion of NEST transaction fees and game earnings on the platform, reducing any such fees for themselves.


NEST is approaching its initial coin offering (ICO) across several top-tier launchpads in the Solana ecosystem from March 2 to March 6, 2022.

  • OxBull — March 3
  • Solster — March 2
  • StarLaunch — March 4-6
  • Trustpad — March 6
  • MoonStarter — March 2
  • Solanium — March 2-6

After March 8, NEST will be publicly tradable on decentralized and centralized exchanges such as Raydium and others.

What about NFTs?

NTFs have disrupted the gaming world this past year, and the NFT revolution shows no sign of slowing down as NFT-based P2E games are cementing their place as the future of the gaming industry.

Nest Arcade already launched its first NFT collection MetaBirds in November 2021 and just recently released its Flappy Bird-style mini-game demo with P2E and NFT support for holders. The MetaBirds collection has surpassed 1,100 Solana (SOL) — about $112,200 — in trading volume and has quadrupled in price since minting. Nest Arcade’s next milestone is the new 3D NFT-character set that will be supported in up to five games by the end of April 2022.

Just like staking, Nest’s NFTs will pay players a fraction of its platform fees and game earnings. The NFTs will also come with additional utilities, yet to be announced. Nest Arcade is focused on creating a premium NFT experience for its users and has partnered with Altura NFT to build smart NFTs for this coming collection.

About Nest Arcade

Nest Arcade has a powerful new NFT collection coming this year, along with many games and products.

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