The Singapore-based NeuroDAO Foundation supports projects that create the landscape of our digital future and a radically new social and economic paradigm. The Foundation’s core comprises research and applied neurobiotech projects, focused on boosting human potential. Following the successful launch of its NDAO token, the NeuroDAO Foundation announces completion of the 2017 Project List as well as the launch of its strategic partnership initiative with the BREM Investment Project. BREM (Blockchain Real Estate Market) presents an advanced Blockchain platform for comparing and choosing among real estate options as well as for conclusion of real estate transactions. The novelty of this Blockchain platform consists in the full-fledged functionality of a neuroagent. The BREM neuroagent possesses highly sophisticated skills to optimally process the stream of information received and to arrive at the correct inference with the aim of meeting customer requirements worldwide. A neuroagent is an algorithm of indirect communication, based on the input parameters, between potential counterparties. The top priority is to help them match supply and demand as well as close their deal securely and transparently. The Blockchain makes it possible in today’s reality. BREM makes it today’s real estate reality.

During the ongoing Presale 5% (1,250,000) of the total 25,000,000 BREM ERC-20 token emission are provided for the NeuroDAO Foundation according to the following plan:

- 10% (125,000 BREM) are distributed among all NDAO token holders,
- 90% (1,125,000 BREM) are distributed among the holders of a minimum of 1000 NDAO tokens (in exchange for the minimal investment of 1 ETH).

NDAO at exchange

The NeuroDAO Foundation unites the community of crypto-investors for participation in research and applied neurobiotech projects. NDAO is a non-profit platform token designed for making investment decisions. Possession of NDAO tokens allows investors to share in the distribution of 5% of each project's tokens supported by the NeuroDAO Foundation. Direct investment into the NeuroDAO Foundation’s projects remains in the discretion of every backer. All projects, which have been carefully selected and approved by the community, are supported by the NeuroDAO Foundation prior to, during and after ICO, including marketing/PR activities, development of respective smart contracts, compliance, exchange listing and full assistance at all stages of the project cycle.

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