On May 31, 2017, VALU Inc. released “VALU,” a new FinTech service that lets anyone share and trade his/her own value, just like a company. “VALU” was developed using Bitcoin and Blockchain, a technology that has recently been attracting immense attention. This service functions as a communication tool for individuals to overcome financial obstacles, and realize their dreams and goals through the support of VALUERs who invest in them. Users of VALU may interact with their VALUERs using special offers and perks.

Successful Funding on Crowdfunding Platform

“VALU” calculates your market capitalization according to the numbers of followers and friends in your social media accounts. This new FinTech service allows you to share and trade your own value once you list your stock (VA) on the VALU market.

Between 2012 and 2015, traditional crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have grown over 13 times in financial terms.* However, for those individuals who are looking to realize their potential without a specific product or project, VALU represents a unique opportunity.

New FinTech Service that Supports Dreamers and Doers

If you have that “something,” VALU is where you can easily find investors. If you are a VALUER who invests in diamonds in the rough, you will be able to enjoy exclusive perks and substantial returns upon the success of the VALU issuers you are supporting.

More functions such as video distribution will be added in the near future.

How to use "VALU"

How to use "VALU"

What is Blockchain/Bitcoin?

Rather than a centralized management system, Blockchain is an open distribution management system which records transactions between two parties in an efficient and verifiable way. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that uses the Blockchain system.

On February 24, 2017, a bill defining cryptocurrencies as actual currency was approved by Japan’s Cabinet Council. Starting April 1, 2017, “Virtual Currency Regulation” was enforced.

“VALU” overview

Website: https://valu.is/

Membership Registration: Free of Charge Languages: Japanese, English

Profile of VALUE Inc. CEO - Kohei Ogawa

Graduated from Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management. Joined GREE Inc., and in 2012, took on a post as lead server engineer for the third most popular mobile game in the U.S. at GREE's U.S. branch. Upon returning to Japan, Ogawa drove new businesses including hotel reservation websites before starting freelance work. He created multiple new businesses as a freelance engineer, and founded AccumBit Inc. to develop services using Bitcoin and Blockchain. In December 2016, he established VALU Inc.

Comment from Kohei Ogawa

Perhaps many people still feel doubtful about services that use Bitcoin. To me, this cryptocurrency holds massive potential. As long as you have internet connection, anyone around the world can use the first currency that is not managed by any country. In other words, people are freed from the limitations of living in a region with weak financial status or currency, and can trade equally with one another using this common currency.

I hope VALU will be the first step towards the realization of crossing geographical boundaries and supporting one another on an individual basis.


VALU PR Office: Suno Nishiyama +81-3-5489-2902 pr@valu.is