Octanox is decentralized ecosystem for the virtual economy and virtual activities The Octanox crowfunding campaign is currently ongoing.

With the growing trend towards decentralization both in digital services and in the amount of available solutions, interoperability becomes a problem, even more so in the cryptocurrency world, where adoption is still distant and already a vast number of unrelated cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency services are available.

This has created an ecosystem where different services require different cryptocurrencies, incurring in additional fees for the user and requiring him to trust a considerable amount of distinct entities. Octanox, however, is on the course of changing these constraints as a means to further advance cryptocurrency adoption.

Octanox is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is focused on providing a network of platforms and services that cover all the needs within the realm of the virtual economy. The Octanox whitepaper reads:

“It is a complicated and tough process to integrate a coin into different areas and fields, and multiple platform currencies are indeed a rare sight. However, Octanox has bridged this gap and looks to forge onward with this advantage.”

The solutions provided by Octanox will cover a wide range of usecases from the simple token interaction, to financial and privacy services.

Strating with an unique web-wallet, Octanox provides a number of smart features that make financial activities simple and intuitive, smoothing the process of transition from online banking to cryptocurrency use. The wallet will also be converted into a mobile app and will be available for IOS and android users.

Further down the line, Octanox will provide additional services like Octanex, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with no counterparty risk, MiddleX, a quick and efficient mixer that can obfuscate payments and the OctaGUI, smart application that allows the community to create additional features. All of these services are fueled by the OTX token, protecting user’s privacy and allowing them to save on exchange fees.

In order to fund the development and marketing of the Octanox project, a crowdfunding campaign is currently being hosted on the Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange. Participants will be awared with OTX token, the native value token in the Octanox ecosystem. Click here to participate in the ICO.

About Octanox

Octanox is decentralized cryptocurrency with x11 algorithm and using POW and POS Systems that is focused on multiple platforms that would be used for virtual economy and virtual activities. Octanox would be used to make transactions online. Our decentralized platform prevents any interference to Octanox. Octanox is a solution to a growing problem.


Company name: Octanox

Company site: octanox.org

Company contacts: adeel@octanox.org