Artisant, a Web3 digital fashion creative space and NFT platform, will host an online event for crypto and NFT education as well as knowledge-sharing July 20 to 21. This will be a space where anyone can get the most relevant and up-to-date insights from the builders of Web3. It is a chance to exchange ideas, connect, inspire and be inspired.

Puma, which supports and celebrates women via its She Moves Us platform, will also participate in the crypto think-tank as a special guest. Puma has already powered up Artisant’s wearable NFT drop Wedding: Upcycled at the Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland. 

Red DAO, Stardust, Rarible and Exclusible, among others, will be sharing their visions and experience in a live format where all will be able to listen, ask questions and share personal experiences.

There is no fee for admission. The full line-up of participants, registration and additional info is available here.

House of Muse

House of Muse unites and celebrates the crypto women movement and creative community. Women in crypto create unique, influential, meaningful art and projects — and House of Muse is a source of support, knowledge and energy for them. House of Muse is open to everyone, there are no restrictions, as digital identity is genuinely limitless in self-expression and self-perception. The organization encourages women and men to join the community, learn more about crypto culture and support newcomers. House of Muse praises the crypto community and its vibes, and shares this energy globally.


A Web3 digital fashion creative space and NFT platform launched in June 2021. The ultimate place that unites fashion designers, Web3 artists, traditional brands and NFT collectors — with over 60 designers currently onboard and more than 80 NFTs sold. 

Artisant is focused on utility-based digital fashion NFT art, and has collaborated with the likes of Puma, crypto native audiovisual artist Pixelord and the Ready Player Me avatar platform — all to explore and expand the Metaverse.

Artisant promotes digital fashion values and supports the Web3 fashion community, as it was designed and developed by the team that launched Replicant, the first-ever, multi-brand Web3 digital fashion marketplace back in May 2020.