Geneva, Switzerland, Jan.12, 2023 – Orange Financial — a multichain yield farming treasury — is excited to announce its public mint date on Feb. 1, 2023. As the only nonfungible token (NFT) project to offer stablecoin rewards through yield farming to its holders, Orange Financial will revolutionize the world of yield farming and NFTs.

Through its innovative approach, Orange Financial has created a basket of decentralized finance (DeFi) assets and farming opportunities to provide yield for its NFT holders. The treasury takes care of all the compounding and harvesting on behalf of its holders and routes the returns back through USD Coin (USDC), making it a convenient and secure choice for hands-off diversification.

One of the key features of Orange Financial is that the treasury rewards users in stablecoins instead of using a native token. This allows holders to receive real yield instead of volatile assets. The treasury participates in a wide range of yield farming opportunities to provide the best returns for its holders. With no native token or fixed interest rate, the treasury’s payout schedule is purely dependent on market conditions and is transparently posted weekly.

In addition to its diversified DeFi Treasury, Orange Financial is also Polygon native and does not require any staking or interaction from NFT holders after they mint their NFTs. All USDC rewards are air-dropped directly to the wallet of each holder, making it a hassle-free way to participate in yield farming.

Orange Financial NFT’s can be stored in cold wallets without an internet connection, making it a safe and convenient way to receive stablecoin rewards. With a low cost of entry and no minimum stake requirement, Orange Financial allows NFT holders to diversify into a basket of high-cost-of-entry yield farming projects and receive all the compounding benefits without additional effort.

Be sure to catch the launch of Orange Financial on Feb. 1, 2023 and keep an eye out for updates on Orange Financial’s progress as we work to revolutionize the DeFi industry and offer real-yield opportunities for NFT holders.


Orange Financial was created from a desire to have a service in the Web3 space that simply did not exist — an efficient yet incredibly transparent yield farming treasury that has no native token and no fixed interest. A treasury that rewards holders with USDC — an asset that never loses value.

As DeFi grows, the price of entry for certain projects continues to rise. Orange Financial believes everyone should have the opportunity to participate in DeFi. With a low cost of entry, Orange Financial NFT holders can diversify into a basket of high-cost-of-entry yield farming projects and receive all the compounding benefits without lifting a finger.

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