Orion Saver offers the highest, most stable yields with Ethereum stablecoins compared to any other platform. 

British Virgin Islands, Sept. 20, 2021 — Orion Money, a decentralized finance platform for stablecoin saving, lending and spending, is pleased to introduce Orion Saver, a cross-chain savings decentralized application that provides some of the highest annual percentage yields in DeFi. 

Orion Money uses Anchor Protocol, a decentralized money market and savings protocol on the Terra blockchain that facilitates a money market between a lender and a borrower based on proof-of-stake assets deposited by borrowers as collateral. As PoS staking rewards are relatively stable, Anchor Protocol uses overcollateralized deposits by borrowers to provide lenders with a fixed yield of around 20% APY. Such an approach is unique in the DeFi space as it provides stablecoin depositors with a high and stable reliable yield, but it is limited to TerraUSD (UST). 

Orion Saver makes it easy for anyone to take advantage of these high APYs by bridging the gap between Terra and Ethereum. By leveraging EthAnchor, a module within Anchor Protocol, Orion Money is able to extend Anchor’s yield to Ethereum. As a result, Orion Saver provides among the highest stable APYs for all major ERC-20 stablecoins. The APYs currently range from 13.5% to 16.5% but will be increased from 15% to 25% shortly after Orion’s token generation event and listing at the end of September. Please see the table below for more details.

Users can deposit any of the top ERC-20 stablecoins such as Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD), Dai, FRAX and Wrapped UST (UST) into the Orion Saver DApp. After the ERC-20 stablecoins are deposited, Orion Money’s smart contracts will exchange those stablecoins to Wrapped UST and deposit them into Anchor Protocol. Once deposited, Orion Saver will then provide users with a stable, principal-protected and low volatile APY.

Users can withdraw their assets at any time: There is no minimum required period to keep the stablecoins deposited. On a user’s request for withdrawal, Orion Money will bring the user funds from Anchor Protocol to Ethereum and deposit them into the user’s wallet.

Since its release in June, Orion Saver has seen over $70 million in total value locked. Orion Money has also passed three security audits with spotless audit reports, which can be reviewed here.

Along with community support, Orion Money has also earned the trust of top venture capitals and crypto projects, having raised $4.2 million so far in seed and community farming. 

Orion Money aims to be the premier stablecoin savings destination on Ethereum by placing interoperability at the core of its products. Orion Money is building a cross-chain stablecoin bank to offer savings options with one of the highest and most stable yields, insured lending and payment options for users who spend their stablecoins including crypto debit cards. These will be achieved through its current DApp, Orion Saver, as well as two forthcoming DApps, Orion Yield and Insurance, and Orion Pay.

In addition, Orion Money has plans to launch Orion Saver on other chains and second layers such as Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain to provide even easier and cheaper deposit options for its users.

About Orion Money

Orion Money is developing the best place in crypto for stablecoin holders to access safe and secure yields of 20% to 25% APY in a DeFi environment, as well as to attain even higher variable yield and native insurance, as well as fiat on- and off-ramps with a debit card. Our first product, Orion Saver, is already live on its website and has over $70 million in TVL. To learn more about Orion Money, visit its social networks below:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/orion_money 

Telegram: https://t.me/Orion_Money

Orion Saver web app: https://orion.money/ 

Media contact: contact@orion.money