Belize 28, 2017  -  OX Fina, which is working in Fin Tech project on blockchain technology, today announced the raise of $774789 USD in its Token (OX) on the very first day. OX tokens will be issue via an Ethereum smart contract. Darwin Co-Founder said, “OX Fina is deeply grateful to those companies which supports in making the project’s launch an astronomical success. Together, we made history as the world’s first complete blockchain based banking and fin tech solutions.

“As OX launches into its development phase with substantial initial funding, we can accelerate our plans to transform the industry with a platform that enables anyone to easily participate.”

Darwin said, “OX Token holders can easily exchange their smart tokens for others in the Exchange after listing.

“OX is delighted to move into an accelerated development phase, thanks to the enormous support of our contributors in making our Token Generation Event a momentous success. It is with great pride that we take our next steps and expand our ambitious plans, including adding talent to our already world-class development team, and empowering communities internationally to adopt smart tokens for their networks,” said Darwin.

The OX attracted 2 big corporate in Central America IM LTD. And other name they don’t want to expose but the total deal will help them to start there project fast.

For more information, the Bancor whitepaper is available at the website.

About OX

OX is an initiative of the OX Fina Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Belize. Starting on the Ethereum public blockchain, OX utilizes an innovative reserve method to enable its Third Eye project. The aim of Third Eye is to make all financial data base with a secure and organized accessible to all and to encourage mass adoption of these advanced technologies in society.

What Is An OX Token?

OX Token OX Blockchain Share Represents the Right To Receive A Part Of Company’s Profit. All Token Holders Are Eligible For Obtaining Dividends According To Their Stakes. Any Number of Tokens (100%) Sold at the End of ICO Have Right to receive 20% Of Company’s Profits.

Payout Structure

According To the Company Bylaws, At the End of a Financial Year 20% Of the Company’s Profit Is Transferred to an ETH Wallet. The ETH Is Then Redistributed To All Holders of OX Tokens According To Smart Contract Conditions

OX Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Initial Rate: Price per Token, 1 ETH = 3000 OX (Minimum 300 OX)

OX Organizational Setup: Shareholders: The Shareholders Are The Collective Owners Of OX. Anyone Who Owns One Or More OX Tokens Is Considered A Shareholder.

Board of Directors: The Board Of Directors (B Of D) Is A Group Of Seven Elected Individuals Who Represent The Shareholders By Making Governance Decision Through A Voting Process And Performing Management Tasks.


Company name: OX Fina

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Company contacts: Mr. Darwin