DEBERT, N.S., July 1, 2016 - Three weeks after completing a successful first round of ICO funding, the Peerplays gaming platform has innovated the blockchain space with the creation of an open-source fee sharing module which allows any Graphene-based blockchain to distribute profits directly to its token holders.

“Peerplays is aiming to be the first truly Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative (DAC),” said Jonathan Baha’i, president of BunkerChain Labs and the blockchain technology consultant for Peerplays, “and we have just added a major piece to the puzzle. With this new profit sharing module, all the fees that Peerplays charges for smart contract operations and peer-to-peer wagering will be distributed directly to the holders of the core Peerplays blockchain tokens, just like a traditional co-op pays dividends to its shareholders.”

The module also works on an individual level, which means that users can distribute anything they wish (profit dividends, promotions, coupons, free samples) to the holders of privately-issued asset tokens on the Peerplays blockchain. It even allows the setting of an “ex-dividend date” and a “payment date”, effectively supporting the real-time distribution of stock dividends.

“There are other Graphene blockchains, such as BitShares, that could also benefit from this profit sharing feature,” said Daniel Notestein, president of BlockTrades and blockchain development contractor for Peerplays, “and since BitShares does not directly compete with Peerplays, we decided to publish the dividend distribution code under the free MIT software license.”

The profit sharing feature is publicly available to view on the Peerplays Github Repo.

Peerplays is the world’s first decentralized wagering and tournament platform built entirely on the blockchain. Gaming and betting sites can also take advantage of the Peerplays API (application programming interface) to enable blockchain-based wagering for their existing users. To learn more about the project, visit our site.

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Michael P. Maloney
Communications Manager
Bunkerchain Labs Inc.
Email: [email protected]