The developers of MMORTES Prospectors - the mass multi-user economic online strategy in real time, created on the basis of Ethereum, have announced the date of ICO. The crowdfunding campaign will be launched on 1 June.

What is the game about?

The game starts in a world similar to Earth in the late 19th and early 20th century, in the era of primary accumulation of capital. In this period the gold rush was in full swing; rich deposits of gold were found in far northern lands. That attracted the searchers of easy money. Gold seekers with their families and their simple household belongings headed north.

At first, each player must stake out a plot. The same as in the real world, the player may have luck to find a rich deposit, or may not. In another case, there will be a longer (but maybe more interesting) way to earn money.

Besides gold, there will be another resources, which can be mined and further processed. To do this, each player will have a few workers who can do the job on his plot, or he/she can send them to work for other players and receive a reward.

The opportunity of making money

The main feature of MMORTES Prospectors is a chance to monetize the time spent on the game. That means that the players will be able to make money playing Prospectors. How will it work?

The developers created two types of tokens on the basis of Ethereum: token gold and token obligation. Token gold is the gold in game which gold seekers can find on plots, and it’s the only currency for making payments inside the game. But token gold can be taken out of the game; it will be traded on the external markets, and thus have real value.

The idea of monetizing the time spent on computer games came to developers from the example of the Steemit decentralized social platform, which enables its users to do the things they like, like writing articles, taking pictures, showing hobbies and voting for the posts of other users.

The idea of DAO is alive

Another type of tokens developed for the game will be token obligation (OBT). Obligations are actually shares of Prospectors company, the owners of which will receive the part of the company’s income, depending on the share they are owning.

Also, shareholding will give the opportunity to influence the decisions vital for the game. As the matter of fact, this is a reincarnation of the ideas of DAO - decentralized autonomous organization. The description of the project on the website is the following:
The owners of obligations will decide how to allocate the withdrawal of gold from Prospectors, what sum to pass for subsequent development and support of the project, make decisions on establishment or change of the value of patents and game technologies, set the limit in the fund of new plots etc.


The crowdfunding campaign will be launched on 1 July and it will last till the end of the month, or it can be finished earlier if the ICO upper limit is reached. The minimum sum of money planned to be drawn is 8000 ETH and the maximum is 78500. Fundraising during ICO will be held by selling OBT tokens. The maximum number of obligations will be 100 million OBT. During the crowdsale and presale around 80% of the tokens will be sold (except of the fixed amount which will be allocated on Bounty) and 20 % will be allocated to the team of developers and for promotion.

The price at which OBT tokens will be sold during ICO is 1 OBT=0,001 ETH and it will not be changed during the whole period of the crowdfunding campaign. This is done in order to ‘avoid speculations’ on the OBT price and provide assurance that the obligation owners will be those people, who are interested in the further development of the game.

All OBT tokens unsold during the crowdfunding campaign will be burnt.


Company name: Prospectors

Company site:

Company contacts:, http://prospectors.herokuapp. com