Protocol Labs Network is calling on those individuals working on the forefront of Web3 and emerging tech to attend its annual decentralized conference, LabWeek23, in Istanbul, Türkiye. The vibrant event, which features a plethora of engaging events, sessions and activities, takes place from November 13th to 17th alongside Devconnect.

Taking place in the vibrant emerging tech hub of Istanbul, LabWeek23 offers those in Web3 the chance to connect, collaborate and innovate across their fields of expertise including such topics as AI x blockchain, the world of Filecoin and FVM, gaming in Web3, public goods funding, ZK Proofs, DeSci, and more.

Who is it for?

LabWeek23 is attended by Protocol Labs Network teams from all across the globe, and is open to anyone from the public to attend, including Web3 industry experts, those who wish to share and develop big ideas for Web3, and work towards possible solutions. Essentially, LabWeek23 is for anyone interested in connecting with like-minded individuals working at the forefront of emerging tech.

LabWeek23 offers a week of summits, research-focused seminars, engineering workshops, social & networking events and happy hours for anyone interested in engaging with those driving progress in Web3. Those interested should register for any events they wish to attend here -

Where does LabWeek23 take place?

In the spirit of decentralization, Protocol Labs Network’s LabWeek23 is a decentralized conference, meaning events will be taking place all over Istanbul. However, the main venue will be at the Swissôtel The Bosphorus Istanbul.

As it is a decentralized conference, attendees are free to choose which events they would like to participate in, with an engaging list of events on offer including social events, workshops, hackathons, and a variety of talks and presentations. The full agenda is available to view here -

Who is attending?

Leading Web3 industry players, alongside attendees from the Protocol Labs Network, will include IPFS stewards, Filecoin Green, MONA, The Starling Lab, Gitcoin, and more.

Protocol Labs Network

Protocol Labs Network is made up of more than 200 independent teams working together to drive breakthroughs in computing. The Network’s work spans the innovation pipeline, from early research projects to successful startups that reach millions of users. Join Protocol Labs Network at LabWeek23 to connect and collaborate with those working in its open-source ecosystem.