Delray Beach, Florida: “Licensing ebooks inside a proprietary walled-garden is nothing like selling or buying them in a free market,” said Publica CEO Josef Marc. “The ebook market turned upside down in the last two years. Independent self-publishing authors now have 45% of the global ebook market and they’re accelerating. They should sell directly to readers, wallet-to-wallet, with no middleman. That’s what Publica’s READ token does.”

Publica’s ereader apps for all common platforms will also do double-duty as wallets for buying and selling ebooks. Authors will sell READ tokens in their own Book ICO’s. This gives authors direct access to wholesale and crowd sales, as well as retail sales on all online stores and sites. Authors can still license their books to traditional publishers to reach those proprietary ereader devices.

Publica doesn’t take a percentage of book revenues. The platform will automate the ecommerce in READ tokens, charging for value-added services like storefronts and crowdsale sites. READ tokens go into the buyers’ wallets and become their property.

Publica’s API will feed all kinds of global ecommerce in books, including publishers and other retail channels. Search engines and digital marketing tools will have unrestricted access to the Publica data they need for all-access book discovery on a level playing field.

Marc continued, “Copyrights represent intellectual property and READ tokens do that too. But you can’t copy a book with a READ token, you can only sell it or buy it. Publishing doesn’t suffer from a piracy problem so copyright violations are rarely litigated. The bigger problem in publishing is transparency and trust. Wallet-to-wallet, ereader-to-ereader, seller-to-buyer, and a blockchain ledger to make the accounting simple and automatic.”

Publica’s ICO opens for pre-sale on October 19 and continues to November 15 at the website.

Team Leadership

Josef Marc, CEO leads the Publica team. He has helped for many multimillion companies to reach healthy success - his first technology job was in a startup that was acquired by Sony to form its broadcast systems integration company in what the media calls an acquihire today. Antons Sapirko, COO is responsible for operational management in Publica. His experience leading Scandiweb from a local agency to becoming the largest ecommerce services provider on the Magento platform will help Publica take care of business. Yuri Pimenov, CTO is a longtime contributor to the blockchain community with his blog and his Russian translation of the seminal book "Mastering Blockchain" by Andreas Antonopoulos. Before Publica, he was the CTO of a leading Bitcoin exchange.

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