This week in Davos, Switzerland, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) convened thought leaders and changemakers for GBBC’s 6th Annual Blockchain Central Davos to engage in conversations surrounding the blockchain and digital assets industry, and announcing initiatives that are designed to push the dial forward when it comes to use cases for the technology.

GBBC has launched its Blockchain x Climate (BxC) leadership network alongside industry partners

Among the world’s most influential financial institutions and policymakers and against the backdrop of the climate crisis, the Blockchain x Climate (BxC) leadership network has announced its organizational launch during GBBC’s sixth Annual Blockchain Central Davos — a premier gathering of leaders across the blockchain, digital asset, technology, NGO and government sectors from Jan. 15 through 19.

BxC is an activist-to-industry network of global stakeholders working together to define and author cooperative operating and technical principles that govern climate-related blockchain efforts across sectors, and support the development of scalable integration and interoperability projects demonstrating the catalytic contribution that blockchain technology can have on the climate crisis.

Founding BxC blockchain partners include Solana Foundation, Ripple, Climate Collective and Regen Network.

The network — led by Eqo Networks, Global Blockchain Business Council and BxCi (Blockchain x Climate Infrastructure) — partners with organizations around the world to create the single largest common gathering of climate action innovators, leaders and builders under one global umbrella organization.

GBBC introduces 2023 ambassador cohort

Global Blockchain Business Council announced the appointment of its 2023 ambassadors, broadening GBBC’s global reach to 230 ambassadors and 108 jurisdictions and disciplines.

GBBC’s 2023 ambassador cohort includes 62 new ambassadors and 17 new jurisdictions and disciplines, consisting of financial services, Greenland, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Libya, Liechtenstein, the Metaverse, Oman, Panama, policy and regulation, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Tech Ethics, Thailand and Zimbabwe.

GBBC ambassadors are innovators and changemakers who strive to provide powerful insights, particularly in areas of technology, governance, law, finance, civil society and academia.

Since its inception, GBBC has relied on its global ambassador network to expand its global community, presence and impact. GBBC ambassadors act as trusted advisors to GBBC’s leadership and members, providing invaluable guidance and assistance on how to engage with diverse global communities to carry out GBBC’s mission to the highest standards.

GBBC and GDF release the 2022 annual report

The year 2022 was one of promise, hope and challenges. With a tough road ahead in 2023, the Global Blockchain Business Council is delighted to showcase the scope of its members’ work and present the full potential of blockchain and Web3.

GBBC’s annual report 2022, “Stronger Together: Rebuilding after the Maelstrom of Markets” explores the endeavors of the community and GBBC’s initiatives from the past year, including the Global Standards Mapping Initiative, the launch of Food for Crisis and more.

Sandra Ro, GBBC CEO, shared:

“We have come a long way. We have been through ups and downs, and GBBC remains committed to our mission of education, partnership and advocacy as a community of changemakers and leaders. This challenging time is no different. We remain steadfast, reliable and true to our values of integrity, transparency and collaboration.”

Emma Joyce, GDF CEO, said:

“The annual report showcases our community: the brilliant industry leaders, regulators and policymakers who work with each other to accelerate the adoption of digital finance. With the merger between GBBC and GDF, we are stronger than ever. We look forward to supporting our members, the regulators and global changemakers in 2023 and beyond.”

CryptoSlam and Forkast.News to form New Data Intelligence Platform, Forkast Labs

Web3 media company Forkast.News and leading blockchain data analytics company CryptoSlam have joined forces to form Forkast Labs, a first-of-its-kind data intelligence and media platform, announced Tuesday in GBBC’s Blockchain Central Davos Lounge. Forkast Labs was born out of a lack of standard methodology to determine the true value of digital assets. The new company will start by launching flagship data indices, APIs and business intelligence products to measure the digital economy based on real-time on-chain data. This will create a universal methodology and enable evaluation of blockchain projects that will be meaningful for any investor or participant in the digital asset space.

About GBBC

Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is the largest industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets community. Launched in Davos in 2017, GBBC is a Swiss-based nonprofit with more than 500 institutional members and 230 ambassadors from across 108 jurisdictions and disciplines. The organization is dedicated to furthering adoption of blockchain technology by convening regulators, business leaders and global changemakers to foster collaboration and advance dialogue to create more secure, equitable and functional societies.