The Global Metaverse Carnival 2022 was held successfully on Dec. 6 through 8, 2022, with over 2,900 international attendees, 580 Chinese participants and 150 global partners from around the world. The event series is well on its way to becoming global and China’s largest Metaverse event.

With a wide range of content and activities to choose from, the Global Metaverse Carnival 2022 talked about the global Metaverse policies in different countries and pain-points of Metaverse development, investment opportunities, technology innovations, case studies and collaboration opportunities.

The event invited 13 Metaverse and Web3 investors to discuss current investor perceptions of the Metaverse sector and the markups used to evaluate projects. The event’s investor speakers included Re7 Capital founder and managing partner Evgeny Gokhberg, Gumi Cryptos Capital general partner Miko Matsumura, Hartmann Capital founder and chief investment officer Felix Hartmann, OP Crypto founder and general partner David Gan, Mulana Ventures partner Gilbert Ng, Blockchain Founders Fund managing partner Aly Madhavji, Holodeck Ventures CEO Paul Dawalibi, Mapleblock Capital India head Deepak Basavaraju, Dimoso founder and CEO Jacki Vause, Cointelligence Fund founder and managing partner On Yavin, Reddy Capital managing partner Kevin Reddy, Decasonic CEO and founder Paul Hsu, XVC Tech lead of ecosystem ventures Aneri Merchant.


The investors discussed a variety of topics at Global Metaverse Carnival, including Metaverse projects: What are investors looking for? Growth hacks and strategies for startups; How do venture capitals evaluate Web3 startups? Is it suitable for ordinary people to invest?; Investing in Metaverse: What does the market look like?; What kind of projects can stand out in a bear market?; Next chapter of Metaverse; Are the Metaverse and Web3 the same thing? How will success in the Metaverse be measured for businesses? What potential of the Metaverse should the investor care about?

On the sidelines of Global Metaverse Carnival, — one of the largest digital art e-commerce platforms in China — and its chief technical officer Yingxuan Li shared insights on the “New ecosystem under the Metaverse and Web3”, while its chief legal advisor and part of the committee of MHP Law Firm Xiao Fang also took the stage to discuss the development and approaches of the Chinese digital art e-commerce platform.


The Global Metaverse Carnival event used a virtual system to set up virtual booths for exhibitors. The attendees used avatars to get around the carnival, attend meetings in private rooms, networked and celebrated the upcoming holiday season together.

Featured speakers:

  • Takayuki Suzuki — MetaTokyo CEO
  • Ida Kymmer — Journee director of global affairs
  • Mingqi Ning — Output director of innovation and technology
  • Lewis Muir Lupton — Shadow Factory chief metaverse officer
  • Rudy Shoushany — DxTalks founder and CEO
  • Gaurav Dahake — BitBNS CEO
  • Felix Nino Asuncion — Tetrix Network co-founder and chief revenue officer
  • Samuel Teo — Aventis Metaverse co-founder
  • Ajit Padmanabh — Who VR founder and CEO
  • Massimo Buonomo — UN/CEFACT expert in blockchain finance
  • Vijay Pravin Maharajan — bitsCrunch founder and CEO
  • Nouredine Abboud — Novaquark CEO
  • Nina Jane Patel — Kabuni Metaverse co-founder and director of metaverse research
  • Anna Tutova — Coinstelegram CEO
  • Harrison Seletsky — NFTrade head of growth and strategy
  • Emin Vali — Metafluence CEO and co-founder
  • Sam Hall — Mixed Reality Rooms co-founder and CEO
  • Xiao Fang — professional committee of MHP Law Firm and chief legal adviser at
  • Anesio Neto — co-President at Portugal Chapter for VRARA Portugal
  • Baptiste Tricoire — Web3 strategic advisor, futurist, TEDx speaker and Forbes writer
  • Si Yang — Glimpse Asia and D6 VR general manager
  • May Mahboob — MBD Financials co-founder and president
  • Patrick Abbott — 2D Tech USA president
  • Luciano Mathias — Trio chief creative officer and partner
  • Will Corkin — Mantra and co-founder
  • David Hoppe — Gamma Law managing partner
  • Loretta Chen — Smobler Studios co-founder and CEO
  • Jawad Ashraf — Virtua CEO
  • Rommel Carlos — Arcus CEO
  • Nicole Ng — APAC DAO co-founder
  • Musheer Ahmed — Finstep Asia founder and managing director
  • Ayesha Mubarak Ali — Metavisionaries co-founder and creative director
  • Mik Mironov — RBL Labs founder
  • Kayaash Singh — OneRare vice president of growth and international business
  • Michael Messele — Pillar Project CEO
  • Yingxuan Li — co-founder and chief technical officer
  • James Murphy — MetaLawman founder and CEO
  • Alla Musnicka — Nifty Souq pre-metaverse officer
  • John Burris — MetaJuice president
  • Batis Samadian — Space CEO
  • Paulii Good — Dreams Quest co-founder, creative director and chief metaverse officer
  • ESKOH — inventor, entrepreneur, singer

More information about the speeches at the Global Metaverse Carnival 2022 are available via subscription.