The European Crypto Initiative (EUCI) and the New Economy Institute have announced Reg3 Conference, a two-day summit that brings together the crypto economy community in Lisbon, from entrepreneurs and lawyers to programmers and artists, to the main European regulators. Reg3 is a privileged stage for discussion about the present and future of regulation of the crypto economy in Europe and Portugal.

The Reg3 conference takes place between Nov. 3 and 4, 2022 at the Orient Museum in Lisbon. Reg3 aims to promote better regulation for the crypto economy and decentralized technologies by bringing the sector closer to the main regulators and policy makers. Reg3 will host speakers from renowned institutions such as Chainalysis, WorkDAO, Immunefi, Mintbase, Monerium, Near, Canadian Web3 Council, Brave, Solana, Banco de Portugal, CMVM, members of Portuguese banking and government, and other industry leaders from the global and Portuguese crypto communities.

The first day of the conference, Nov. 3, is dedicated to private workshops for stakeholders such as policy makers, bankers, entrepreneurs and more. The topics covered will include:

  • DAOs and the EU
  • Compliance with Chainalysis
  • MiCA — next steps and strategies going forward 
  • Crypto taxation in Portugal

The second day of the conference, Nov. 4, will be reserved for the discussion about the present and future of the crypto economy’s regulation in Europe and Portugal through lectures and discussions in a roundtable format, with topics such as:

  • MiCA and its implementation through diverse NCAs
  • The impact of global regulations on decentralized Layer-1 blockchains
  • Aligning the fundamental right for privacy with global sanctions 
  • The challenges of Self-Sovereign Identity
  • The real world impact of DeFi
  • How NFTs empower the creator’s economy and more
  • The future of crypto taxation in Europe and around the world
  • AML/CFT in the age of the TFR
  • Bridging the gap between DAOs and the real world
  • The future of crypto assets in Portugal

The second day of the conference also includes a VIP lunch sponsored by Chainalysis, with its co-founder and CEO Michael Gronager, members of the Portuguese banking and government, and industry leaders of the Portuguese and global crypto community. Reg3 closes with a networking cocktail starting at 6:00 pm on Friday, Nov. 4. The full agenda can be found here.

“The cryptocurrency industry is being scrutinized by regulators across Europe and beyond,” said Marina Markezic, co-founder of EUCI. “This work is necessary and welcomed, but — whether out of ignorance or malice — many limit themselves to comparing it to the traditional financial sector through inappropriate analogies, such as the famous duck test: ‘If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.’ Now, it seems to us that the tale of the ugly duckling best represents the present and future of this emerging industry.”

“In the aftermath of the apparent closing of the MiCA and TFR — regulations announced with pomp and circumstance — we felt it was important to develop a broad forum that brings together the many sides of the crypto economy and the traditional economy, which are not often in contact,” added Hugo Volz Oliveira, secretary of the New Economy Institute, “because the discussion on how Europe can better harness the potential of these new technologies is not even at its beginning.”

Reg3 is sponsored by Chainalysis, a leading blockchain data analytics company, The WorkDAO, an employee management platform for Web3 and DAOs, and Immunefi, a leading Web3 bug bounty platform and security services, will be present at the conference with exhibitors, lectures and workshops over the two days.

More information and tickets available on the site.

About European Crypto Initiative (EUCI)

European Crypto Initiative (EUCI)  aims to shape EU regulation to favor open, permissionless, decentralized applications leveraging blockchain technology. The EUCI is a group of experts in blockchain technology and more specifically decentralized use cases that have come together to constructively contribute to the development of EU policy that ensures a well-informed, appropriate and positive approach to the regulatory treatment of decentralized use cases, open blockchains and permissionless innovation.

About New Economy Institute

Instituto New Economy is a collaborative nonprofit association of industry leaders, professionals and interested citizens who aim to increase Portugal’s global standing and its participation in the digital economy that rules the modern society. Instituto New Economy hosts educational events, publishes research papers, and forms committees for best practices and ethical considerations for emerging technologies. The Instituto also partners with fellow organizations around the world. For more information, visit the site or connect on Twitter, and LinkedIn.