Group Futurista is a leading global events company that creates its emerging technology summits. To keep up with innovations all around the world amid the current pandemic, Group Futurista launched the FutureCast Series of webinars, a part of which was “Reimagining Digital Identity During and After COVID-19 for FI 6.0” on March 24, 2020. 

This was another insightful webinar, which was hosted by David Wooldridge, who is a video, radio and events presenter and who is known for his genuine personality and charm. Having impressed various global organizations, from the sports industry to finance, he adds enthusiasm to any event and broadcast production.

This webinar was sponsored by Socure and Onfido and many experts from various fields and industries came together to be a part of this webinar and to speak about the technological advances happening in the field of digital identity, including:

  • Phil Lam, executive director of identity technology transformation services at GSA, who spoke about “How the Pandemic Accelerated Digital Identity in Government.”
  • Reuben Sagar, regional director at Onfido, spoke about “Meeting tomorrow’s challenges with digital identity.”
  • Rod Boothby, global head of digital trust at Santander, spoke about the “Open Digital Trust Initiative — Creation of a New Market.”
  • Evan Rabinowitz, vice president of business development at Socure, spoke about the “Scalable Document Verification Solution.” 
  • Prashant Sharma, vice president of digital identity at Mastercard, spoke about “Digital Identity: Enabling KYC for the digital age.”
  • Adam Walendziewski, global SME/MC, digital platform center director at ING, spoke about “How ING Bank in Poland was preparing its corporate customers for COVID-19 not knowing the epidemic is coming.”

All these sessions were very informative and thought-provoking. Furthermore, one of the best parts of this webinar was the panel discussion, which was joined by Phil Lam, and the topic of the discussion was “Trends in Digital Identity: What new changes will prevail in the year 2021?”

This whole event was concluded by announcing the upcoming Webinar “Future of Digital Workplace Webinar” on March 30, 2021, at 15:00 GMT.  

Come and join us in this journey of learning, evolving and accomplishing. 

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