Revolution STARTS 14th of June 2017 with HONESTIS NETWORK which makes managing your digital identity and data streams smart thanks to Artificial Intelligent Assistant which helps you all day.

Honestis.Network is based on portable blockchained identity where you decide access level to your data.

Bring your life to next level of security and general performance thanks to essential applications based on modern technology including artificial intelligence and data science. In form of Artificial Assistant to help you all day activities and can transfer any trained skill.

Decentralized system is a future, which already arrived and is now settling down on all grounds.

Fly with new opportunities from one mountain of data to another, plugin in new system where you decide what is your level of activity and exposure. Honestis.Network will give you access to store your data across many blockchains, p2p data storages and traditional data storages. Additional optimized blockchain which will used in parallel to other blockchains.

A.I. mainly serves now to stalk you, profile you and take away money on things which you don’t need, don’t want and don’t have even where to stack in many cases. H.N Artificial Intelligent Assistant will make your life smarter.

Smart life is the outcome of data presented by you to your A.I.A. and if you think that your A.i.A. is very good at something, you might try to monetize its avatar. Avatar it is blackbox backup which is passed to next user as creatures/ pokemons/ pocket companions / familiar AVATAR /ghost.

Backup at some point, encrypted blackboxed matrix of Artificial Intelligence outcome of your experiences.

Task managing.Time managing. Energy Managing. It is our goal to use deep learning, data science and Artificial Intelligence to serve your prosperity.

Obviously we will not avoid ads and local customer polls, but participation in them will be paid.

You might feel sometimes discouraged or melting down, if the only thing what you have is cellphone.That might be a solution to have a cheerleader in phone just for you.

Medical data and biorhythm data can solve some issues, like drug dosage and good mood association with sleep patterns and diet.

Record everything usable in future to draw a better routine for you. To reach your goals and safe time, which you might use for hobby or to spend with those close to you.

Data is secured and accessed by people and applications of your choice. Nobody else, thanks to strong encryption with intuitive and easy to use key management.

Additionally there is more you might set a sentinel to follow some your patterns or applications and data streams which they proceed to use them by you. Become more aware and more in control with that what is going around and inside your devices and with your body.

Whole life need whole attention from you, give yourself a tool to automate it at most accurate performance and benefit from scientific, conscious design of you experiencing your life smarter.

Security and decentralized trust is one good outcome of decentralization, you are enable to keep your data safe and stored around the world so you will not lose everything with one device.

This is a revolution in using data and information which it possess, to serve you at best rate and make more money for you, better life and bring more awareness of yourself and your life.

Enjoy happiness of controlling your data and analyze every step with Artificial Assistant to produce most favorable life pattern for yourself. Simple tasks might be automated to save you more time.

Your data streams to serve you. Secured, analyzed, monetized in the ways you want it. Artificial Assistant it is something more than just software it is framework and manager of simple to use bricks to create more specific assistants for the skill or story which you want to pass to other people.

To bring all this value to your life the team gathered from around the world.

Strong team of coders, scientists and gigs form USA, Poland and South Korea are ready to deliver most valuable revolution in blockchain. Best programmers and best minds.

Website to learn more.


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The preICO starts 14th June at 14UTC and it will be last for no long just about 3 weeks.

The final contract will be deployed in July and then Ethereum Classic token will be tradeable.


Company name: Honestis.Network

Company site: Honestis.Network

Company contacts: magda@Honestis.Network; administrator@Honestis.Network