Geneva, June 2, 2021 — Rising pop star and singer-songwriter Polarrana has added to her remarkable success by releasing her next original song “Full of You.” She recorded “Full of You” exclusively for distribution as a single nonfungible token, which is also the first NFT created under the new Swiss blockchain law. For the buyer, this is an opportunity to own the full legal commercial license to “Full of You” performed by what many call an “angelic voice and one of the most authentic new global music talents of the decade.” With her global and loyal fan base, Polarrana already has close to 1 million followers on YouTube, and her videos have generated up to 19 million views per song. The NFT will be released at a live event co-hosted by the Swiss Crypto Valley Association and token design firm Arcades Digital in Geneva, Switzerland.

The collaboration among a fresh voice, the latest in blockchain technology and the new Swiss blockchain law marks a milestone in music licensing history. Polarrana represents an authentic voice appealing to a multi-million-strong global audience. A rare talent, she possesses the je ne sais quoi that is driving her appeal and rapidly-growing popularity. As a young female entrepreneur, she recognizes that token-based distribution and community building are going to be the predominant paradigms of the music industry. The revolution has already started, and with the addition of Swiss legal certainty, this model is set to become the next big thing in the industry.

The young talent behind Polarrana is Anna Pozhidaeva. The 19-year-old Saint Petersburg, Russia native is a university student in performing arts. Often compared to famous artists like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, Polarrana cites both as major musical inspirations in addition to Björk, Madonna, Coldplay and several Russian bands. Polarrana assures that the main motivation behind her music is her listeners:

“The way people are inspired by music is the main reason why I continue to make it. When I listen to music, I feel like I can escape from the routine of everyday life, so I want people to have my music as something they can lighten up their days with. I believe music can cure anything. I also make music because I feel like it’s the best way to express myself. If there’s at least one person out there who copes with their anxiety or feels that they aren’t alone after listening to my music, I know I’m doing it right and this is what makes me the happiest.”

Polarrana’s NFT comes complete with a full commercial license, which means that whoever buys the token has full commercial rights over the song and can legally sell the NFT to anyone, at any time and anywhere. (This includes Spotify and other channels as well.) Buyers envisaged by the young artist-entrepreneur include forward-thinking music labels, digital content agencies, global and domestic brands, or even individual collectors.

As Polarrana’s popularity and fame increase, the value of the NFT-encoded license is set to rise, making it an asset worth investing in. The release event date is set for June 11, 2021, and will be livestreamed.

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