Royal Kingdom Enterprise is launching its ICO to develop innovative projects in the Middle East.

Following the goal of the government of Dubai to become the world capital of Blockchain tech, Royal Kingdom Enterprise Ltd decided to focus its engineering resources on contributing to the development of business solutions based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. To achieve this goal the company revealed that next month it would promote an Initial Coin Offering by marketing the token called Royal Kingdom Coin, represented by the acronym and ticker RKC.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the company had launched to find its place in the market of small to medium businesses that need to be connected to Blockchain technology to accept payments. The company has been acting as an agent in social and corporate scenarios, providing the business clients with customized technical tools and support.

This activity has quickly expanded with the launch of VentureKingdom, a centralized payment gateway platform that focuses on quickly providing financial solutions to the clients, including accepting and trading cryptocurrency. The next step was the creation of RKE IT Solutions, dedicated to selling and customization of white label solutions for corporate clients.

With increasing understanding of the importance of deeper involvement in the development of peer-to-peer financial projects, Royal Kingdom Enterprise started to shift its goals toward more innovative products. The engineering team came up with the idea to create a distributed exchange, a sweet spot between decentralized and centralized exchange, combining the ease of use and security of both. The product is called Tomorrow Exchange and is currently in its final stages of development. The beta version is planned to be released later this month, with the code to be open sourced. The exchange will also feature ERC20 tokens, including Royal Kingdom Coin, which will be sold during the ICO of the organization with the beginning scheduled for 06 July at 18:00 GMT (+00).

It is widely accepted that Blockchain technology became popular due to its ability to achieve ultimate fault tolerance through decentralization, and also promoting transparency, speed and reduced expenses for the organizations using it.

Abu Sulayman Saleh, CEO of Royal Kingdom Enterprise, cited in a statement: "Dubai is the most appropriate place in the world today to start blockchain startups, and it is quickly becoming a startup incubator for this market segment. We intend to make Royal Kingdom Enterprise a known player in Blockchain tech field, continuing to develop solutions based on the current needs. It is a really exciting area to work in, but we understand there are many new challenges we have to face first to secure our place among the key organizations dedicating their effort to contribute to the Blockchain community as well."

One of the challenges is, of course, funding, and to advance the development of innovative projects, Royal Kingdom Enterprise begins its ICO marketing campaign, inviting people to participate in moving closer to the common goal of improving on the financial and payment solutions for individuals and entrepreneurs as well as for large companies around the world.

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