Are you ready to uncover emerging trends, techniques, and tools in software development that will help you grow your career, build your network, and lead your team in 2020? Be part of QCon London, March 2-6, 2020, and join over 1,600 software leaders and their teams.

At QCon London you will meet peers from Apple, Udemy, Tessella, BBC, ING Bank, Spotify, Accenture, UBS, Orange, Ericsson, Webstep, Deutsche Telekom and VMware. You will also learn from expert practitioners working on a range of innovative projects, as they share their use cases, experiences, and recommendations to help you scale your projects and teams.

QCon is designed to help you meet with peers, share common challenges, and find solutions from the global software developer community. Join one of the technical sessions, participate in an informal "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) with speakers, or raise the topics you'd like to discuss in an Open Space session.

"I think that after QCon I have a clear vision for at least 2 years about what is happening in IT. The vision includes technical aspects and human ones; some talks challenged even my convictions.“

- Safa Mabrouk, Senior Developer @OCTOTechnology

Growing Unicorns in the EU: Building, Leading and Scaling Financial Tech Start-Ups - QCon London track.

The UK & EU FinTech sector continues to go from strength to strength. The start-ups are now scale-ups, and many of the scale-ups are unicorns. Banks that didn't exist a few years ago have millions of customers and thousands of employees, and they run tech they've designed and built from scratch. We'll explore the architectural and organizational challenges these pioneers are facing as they change up through the gears and alter the face of finance across the UK and the EU.

Here are some of the speakers who will be sharing their practical insights this March:

  • Matt Heath, Senior Staff Engineer @Monzo
  • Suhail Patel, Backend Engineer @Monzo
  • Daniel Osborne, Web Technology Practice Lead @StarlingBank
  • Martin Dow, Engineering Lead for Core Banking @StarlingBank
  • Folger Fonseca, Software Engineer, and Tech Lead @N26

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