New ambitious project has been started. It has no analogues in the world. The main goal of the project is - cryptocurrencies with the most convenient functional in cryptocommunity for developers, investors, miners and newcomers, to all who are interested in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency social network goes to the stage of ICO. Cryptocurrency experienced owners and new owners' main problem is - waste of time while searching necessary information on forums, maintenance of dozens of accounts on different resources dedicated to a particular altcoins. Flipping several hundred messages in one topic, devoted to important milestones in the life of the new cryptocurrency, is all unproductive. implementing modern social network instruments in cryptocurrency theme to search, information maintenance, coins exchange, and it's development. Combination of the new wiki mechanisms on altcoin history maintenance with the support of video and graphical materials, quick users notification, combining into groups and setting notifications on important issues - several times increase the search speed and information exchange. breaks the barrier between cryptocurrencies and newcomers who does not have skills to investigate dozens of forums on obsolete engines. The social cryptocurrency network allows to any internet user not to spend hours searching for information about certain altcoins, but to quickly find the necessary data in the wiki-storage. Why project ICO differs from all other? is not one of those ideas, which needs big investments. It is already working project with basic functionality, maintaining several cryptocurrency types so far. Whitepaper contains detailed information on project and its further development and necessary financing. This project is not a fork, where investors are promised to make a profit in dozens of percent’s during several months. is the first social network created for people dealing with cryptocurrencies and cherishing their own time. Project’s alfa-version proved the actuality among users. Any network user can receive money from developers for being active and publishing information. Cryptocurrency developers will have effective instrument for promotion of their altcoins. 9 123 000 tokens has been released. As a payment for tokens, most spread cryptocurrencies are accepted. The cost of one token is equal to $1, the acquisition of one token is equal to the share of ownership of the project in 0.0000109613%. Pre-sale conditions

First 50 000 Scrypto tokens are offered at a price $0,5 on a PRE-SALE, AND IT WAS FINISHED IN A TWO DAYS! The subsequent 50 000 at a price $0,75 is on second pre-sale is in process now. The remaining volume at $1. Each token owner will become a co-owner of the project, changing the idea of working with cryptocurrencies and communicating with like-minded people. Summary project is modern and convenient instrument for information exchange on cryptocurrencies both for newcomers and experts in theme. Minimum of unnecessary actions, quick access to the necessary information – these are the possibilities of a new social network. The system supports dozens of effective tools, except wiki-storage. All modern tools of social networks become at the service of circulation of cryptocurrencies and the exchange of data about them. Social network



Company name: Scrypto

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