It is hard for investors to evaluate an ICO and distinguish between a great idea and a scam; it is even harder for founders to develop a quality ICO and launch it legally. But we have a solution.

Smart Valley is a powerful system for ICO project assessment and development - with a combination of unique scoring tool, expert knowledge, and crowd wisdom. A community of top-class experts from across the globe will offer their services to founders, helping to launch ICOs that are legal and secure. What’s more, investors will be there, too - ready to finance the best projects.  Smart Valley is a dynamic ecosystem that can give rise to new unicorns - visionary startups worth billions that will revolutionize the business.

Smart Valley is happy to announce that token presale starts on December 1 - if you join before December 10, you will get a 20% bonus on SVT tokens! Our investors can expect a fast growth of the SVT token already in the first 6 months after the ICO – up to x25, according to various scenarios studied by ICOLab, the ICO accelerator behind Smart Valley. Why such high estimates? It’s simple: Smart Valley provides solutions desperately needed by the whole industry - a way to select the best projects, fight scams, launch high-quality legal ICOs, provide experts with top jobs they deserve, and yes - help projects raise money. By purchasing our tokens during the presale, you get full access to all projects on our platform and increase your chances to become the first investor of a new unicorn startup! Wouldn’t you like to invest in the next Uber or AirBnB?

Advantages for investors do not end here, however. Tokens of many of the projects that successfully pass our scoring will be available to investors in our Token Store with an amazing x5 bonus! Here you can learn more about the advantages we offer.

At the heart of Smart Valley is a unique scoring system: projects are scored on multiple criteria by experts in a number of fields, from marketing to law. A good project score will act as a hallmark of quality, instantly attracting investors’ attention. We will also provide our expert scoring services to projects developed by our partners - the ICO facilitator ICOBox and the crowdfunding platform KICKICO. Thanks to this partnership, even more safe, high-potential ICO projects will be available to investors.  A demo version of the scoring tool is already available on our website - try it now!

Smart Valley will help project founders find all the professionals they require to build a dream team - specialists in front end development, finance, PR, SMM, law, and much more. If you are an expert in your field, Smart Valley can offer you a global outreach and unprecedented job opportunities. If you would like to participate as an expert, please register here.

Follow our news and system updates in our Bitcointalk thread. There you will find our project announcements, new bonus offers, ICO news, tech know-how teasers, geeky discussions of the scoring system, and much more.

Do not miss the presale! Remember - the 20% bonus offer only lasts till December 10!

With Smart Valley, you can take part in visionary projects that will transform the future. The right moment to join is now!

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