London Friday, May 13, 2016

The Ethereum network is quickly moving toward maturity and the ecosystem of services and applications built around it is growing steadily. We are excited to be part of this revolution, and today we are introducing, the first merchant platform powered entirely by Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. provides the tools necessary to easily integrate Ethereum based payments into almost every e-commerce solutions available and shields against market volatility risks. Merchants have the ability to convert Ether or tokens running on top of Ethereum to a currency of choice at the time of payment and receive a settlement on their bank account , or to keep funds in Ether or other tokens of value and get settlements on their wallet. platform leverages directly Ethereum programmable blockchain features to offer industrial grade security and full transparency. As an example, merchant funds are managed by smart contracts with defined set of rules ,and generally inaccessible to our employers. Our services are available in countries throughout the world, with transaction processing for over 150 different types of currencies. Ltd.

Christopher Moore,CEO

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