The cryptoinvestors community put faith in Smartlands Platform and its values. The SLT token presale was successfully launched on September 28, and the preliminary results are as follows: the amount raised during the first week approaches USD 385 000. Contributions to the project from the very start of the presale indicates strong support for the idea of well-organized ICOs and low-risk tokens that are secured by the real assets.

Cryptoinvestors still have a chance to seize the opportunity and join the project that is going to change the whole ICO landscape.

Presale will continue till October 12. 12:00 UTC+00:00. Currently it is possible to get special presale bonuses that will not be available during the main token crowdsale at any time.

Smartlands is designed to create a new class of low-risk future-proof tokens, secured by real, profitable assets in agriculture and establish an appropriate infrastructure for ICO of such tokens to protect investors from the major risks.

Protection of investors will be based on a relevant legal structure with collateralization of assets, legal due diligence, highly automated agricultural audits and other measures.

We believe that tokenization of agricultural assets is a great idea given the following. Land and other assets (e.g. trees of an orchard) are very suitable for being a collateral (long-term assets with value that does not depend much on who manages it). On the other hand, there is a lack of financing for an introduction of innovations in agriculture worldwide that provides an opportunity to earn high returns on investments. Innovative monitoring solutions for agriculture that will be introduced by the Platform provides for accountability and high level of transparency.

Development of Smartlands blockchain platform started in late 2016. The goal of the project is to open agricultural markets to the crypto-investors and contribute to the sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex throughout the world. The project is led by an international group of experts in the fields of finance, agriculture, and blockchain.

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