With the recent changes on cryptocurrency exchanges in China, Soar Labs Pte Ltd had withdrawn all its’ digital currency, Soarcoin, from Z-Trade as of 15 Sept 2017. Soar Labs is currently working with other coin exchanges to list Soarcoin in more platforms and expanding its operations into countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

Ventures into Real Estate Services

Soar Labs is currently finalising its partnership with Property Census, an Australian-based ‘Property Tech’ company where its digital currency, Soarcoin, can be used for payment of housing deposits and rental, and also for purchasing of properties in Australia, by the end of 2017. This is in line with Soar Labs' business goals to be the leading company in providing investors the opportunity to use digital currency in Real Estates Services industry in Australia. They have also obtained the exclusive rights for Soarcoin to be the sole cryptocurrency on Property Census platform.

Property Census CEO, Mr. Cody Fraser, "Property Census and Soar Labs are now in partnership moving forward to create a new age global property ecosystem. This is a historic event for Property Census and the property industry as this partnership will connect global parties involved in property transactions and detailed research like never before. Thanks to Soar Labs already connected global relations, streamlining the integration of block-chain technology and cryptocurrency into the property world looks to be a smooth path. This is just the beginning to a long prosperous relationship aiming to bring a new era of streamlined and transparent technology to everyone involved.”

Soar Labs CEO, Mr. Seth Lim, “This partnership indeed secure the opportunity for our investors and early adopters of digital currency to be part of a system that is decentralized, safe and fast, encourages the usage of blockchain technology and promote the importance of having a supportive Fintech community in South East Asia.”

Who is Property Census?

Property Census is an Australian based ‘Property Tech’ company that is positioned to disrupt the $14 billion Real Estates Services Industry and $1 Billion Real Estate Marketing Industry in Australia prior to expanding globally. It is a cloud-based software property for property professionals, and this property platform for the first time connects all stakeholders in the property development, services and marketing industries and provides significant cost savings in the acquisitions, sales and marketing industries via an innovative and fully integrated cloud based software solution, which provides market leading, Research & Analysis tools, Live Marketplace & Trading Exchange and Consumer Focused Digital Marketing Channels.

Launch of Soar Wallet in progress

Soar Labs is currently beta-testing SOAR Wallet on both Android and iOS, where payments and transactions can be made without the need of Ether as transfer fee. SOAR Wallet is on schedule for launch in Q4 2017.

Company name: Soar Labs Pte Ltd
Company site: http://soarlabs.org/
Company contacts: support@soarlabs.org