Have you been desperately scouring the market searching for an impeccable ICO that is entirely risk free and completely simple? Well, look no further! Solomon Exchange has spent an extensive period of time researching the market and developing its own ICO that ticks all of the boxes. Known as SMNX ICO, it will provide an excellent platform for users to buy or sell their preferred choice of cryptocurrency in a truly safe and secure manner.

The instant transaction and exchange process features of the SMNX ICO makes Solomon exchange a leading force in the hugely competitive field of currency exchange. No doubt one of the most marvellous developments within the past few years, the Solomon Exchange ICO token sale will commence on the 28th august, 2017. This sale will provide people who desire an easy but effective platform the opportunity to purchase one of the most anticipated digital currency exchange programmes existing on the market.

The first three days of the sale will be solely reserved for early birds; with early contributors gaining access to a discount of up to 20%. At SMNX ICO, their main endeavour is to continuously provide the BEST trading platform for clients to enhance their currency exchange program and eliminate all of the terrible security risks that exist in today’s modern world. Their distinctive expertise in the field of virtual currency exchange will ensure that the necessary steps are followed to make certain absolute and transparent security is achieved; nothing short of perfect will be accepted by the Solomon Exchange professional team. Additionally, users will gain convenient access to global crypto currencies such as Bitcoins.

Up to this point, Solomon Exchange has been labelled the number one upcoming prospect in the field of currency exchange and their SMNX ICO has been hailed as the best forthcoming ICO on the market. Both the Bitcoin and the Ethereum community, which are both substantial, are supporting the SMNX ICO.

So, if you want to improve your cryptocurrency game and be a valuable part of a new breed of ICO, then mark the 28th August, 2017 on your calendar! The SMNX ICO truly is something special, and will be the top ranked ICO on the currency exchange market with its simplicity and secure protection. If you don’t want to miss out…purchase the SMNX ICO!

ICO Details

Token Name: SMNX

Platform: ETH

Total Supply: 15 million

Public Release: 9 million

Core Team: 6 million

Per Token Price: 1 USD.

ICO start time: AUGUST 28 2017 UTC 1200

ICO end time: SEPTEMBER 27 2017 : UTC 1200

ICO Round: 1

Accept currency: ETH, BTC

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Company name: Solomon Exchange

Company site: https://solomonex.info/

Email: info@solomonex.com