The power of blockchain technology and the concept of monetary freedom have been gaining momentum in recent years. As awareness of Bitcoin grows, its culture has been gradually spreading to new areas and realms, such as art and cinema. To celebrate this important stage, the first-ever Bitcoin (BTC) film festival is set to take place on March 24–26, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland.


The world’s first large-scale film festival dedicated to Bitcoin will take place on the last weekend of March in Poland. Its inaugural edition, called Bitcoin FilmFest Warsaw, will be held at the iconic Kinoteka cinema, located in the heart of the city (in the Palace of Culture and Science).

The Bitcoin FilmFest Warsaw promises to be an unforgettable experience that brings together not only filmmakers and fellow Bitcoiners but also independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and many respected representatives of academia, media, art, business and tech.

In addition to the eight main films and a few additional trailers, the festival will feature a series of panels, talks and workshops, offering an excellent opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn from experts in their fields.

While the festival is all about being Bitcoin-only, one of the most exciting aspects of the event is its inclusivity. Bitcoin FilmFest Warsaw is open to everyone, regardless of their current knowledge and proficiency.

To quote the organizers: “Exploring Bitcoin culture through films can be a truly enriching experience. It is like a journey that brings clarity and wisdom. Valuable perspectives on ourselves and the world we live in.” Bitcoin FilmFest Warsaw is offering invaluable three days that can inspire and educate. It is a unique chance to dive into the world of Bitcoin culture, discover a lot of interesting aspects of this technology, and gain an understanding of its potential.

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