South East Asia’s largest crypto expo will host meet-and-greets with crypto industry enthusiasts from across the globe, aiming to provide knowledge of crypto-based businesses and an in-depth understanding of digital assets and blockchain technology.

M Vision has announced the launch of the largest crypto expo in South East Asia, Crypto Expo Thailand 2022, from Oct. 6 to 9 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok. The event aims to:

  • Provide thorough knowledge and understanding of digital assets and blockchain technology and how they work hand-in-hand within the crypto space.
  • Help investors, organizations and individuals looking for new investment opportunities in cryptocurrency meet industry experts and leading information and and solution providers.
  • Create an exclusive, ideal platform for individuals to gain and grow knowledge on how blockchain will help them in the future and take their businesses to new heights.
  • Listen and network with C-level executives, experts and crypto influencers worldwide.

As blockchain technology has spread worldwide, it will consecutively affect every industry and business niche in various ways. Therefore, organizations need to acquire an understanding of how they will leverage their business and investment opportunities using blockchain. 

The Thailand Crypto Expo event will host five exclusive crypto zones:

  1. Exchange Zone — nurtures open digital asset investment opportunities for investors in regulated trading exchanges globally and in Thailand.
  2. Investor Zone — provides knowledge and understanding about crypto funds. Attendees can connect with exclusive and trending advisors from regulatory bodies in Thailand, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  3. Conference Zone — provides proper industry knowledge from experts, influencers, C-Levels, etc.
  4. Metaverse and GameFi Zone — a space where attendees can meet with the latest project owners and understand exclusive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, Big Data analytics, etc.
  5. NFT and Creator Zone — here, attendees can meet up with 3D creators and artists from creative NFT spaces whose skills and talents are blooming around the world.

With over 700,000 attendees, 400 exhibitors, 150 journalists and media partners, more than 150 specialized speakers, and at least 90% C-level executives, experts and founders from all over the world, Crypto Expo Thailand is shaping up be the best provider of blockchain-crypto key facts and solutions while building up the crypto industry along with the Metaverse.

The event is free for all four days, so anyone can come and learn about the crypto industry, how it is streamlining the process of promoting digital assets and the Metaverse, acquire key knowledge on understanding how blockchain technology works and how it can stimulate the ecosystem, and blockchain’s function in building up crypto businesses and the industry at large.

The event will be hosting conferences, workshops and seminars on nonfungible tokens, blockchain-related products, games and more in the crypto space:

  • Digital assets and other crypto-related industry knowledge from scratch.
  • How to securely invest in cryptocurrency.
  • How to own digital assets, NFTs, etc.
  • Meeting leading startups and approaching them for crowdfunding.
  • How to create Metaverse tokens.
  • Promoting and investing in foreign direct investment in Thailand.
  • Creating an exclusive platform for the blockchain ecosystem.

About M Vision

Established in 2002, M Vision provides services in media production and produces content in information technology, particularly smartphones. The company mainly distributes various IT products through many channels.

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