Group Futurista successfully hosted its first webinar on “Reimagining Digital Identity During and After COVID for FI” on the 30th April 2020 date. The Webinar was hosted by key host and speaker Richard Hurst along with fellow experts and thought leaders in the field of digital identity.

During the course of the webinar, the host and experts shared their views on digital identity and how it is set to revolutionize the entire banking eco-system of the world for all time to come. Dan Johnson of Mastercard provided valuable insight into the use of digital identity in the context of real-world issues. Micah Walker, CEO of Grabba, Gold Sponsor for the webinar, shared his interesting perspectives on the resolution between national, organizational and customer expectations for digital identity in the context of the digital era. Other Gold Sponsors for the webinar – ID R&D, OneSpan, and Boloro Global Limited shared some thought-provoking insight on the current COVID 19 situation and the solutions that are being worked on to help transform financial institutions to enable a smooth transition into the digital era. State of the art product demonstrations were showcased by sponsor companies, such as V2Verify  on the use of facial liveness technology.

An engaging discussion took place between the hosts, panelists and the audience on how digital identity providers can help during the COVID-19 crisis, how companies can transform from brick and mortar existence to a completely new digital species and the role of the government in shaping the way digital identity can and is evolving.

The webinar was finally concluded with the announcement of the upcoming webinars by Group Futurista: 'Reimagining Digital Identity after COVID-19 for Retail & E-commerce' and 'Future of Contactless Payments post COVID-19' to be held on 3rd and 5th June 2020.

Please stay tuned for updates and to block your seat for the upcoming webinars that are sure to address questions on the changing world and the digital era post-Covid 19.