HitBTC has just introduced a sub-account feature to its trading platform.

The new feature allows users to add secondary accounts to their HitBTC master account so they can carry out separate activities and control their online assets in a more organized way. This will improve the user experience of the platform for institutional and corporate clients who have many employees and need to manage numerous trading strategies simultaneously.

Each newly created sub-account will be authorized separately. Although it will have no access to any personal information of the master account, it will come under the umbrella of the master account’s KYC authorization. Each sub-account will have its own set of API keys, giving users the flexibility to test various trading strategies and switch between them instantly.

Creating and using sub-accounts will enable users to monitor their trading activities more systematically, and, if necessary, each sub-account can be controlled from a user’s master account. Only master accounts will be required to undergo the KYC procedure, and users will be able to freeze sub-accounts on-demand and transfer balances at no cost, off-chain.


When calculating how much a user pays in trading fees both master and sub-accounts will be looked at. More information about HitBTC’s fee tier system can be found here.

Sub-accounts can be created on HitBTC by logging in and clicking on the sub-account tab. The main differences between sub-accounts and master accounts are highlighted in the table below.