The climate action revolution is well and truly upon us. The stakes are high for everyone involved, from governments to the industrial and private sectors. As a community, we are heading toward a global sustainability revolution supported by technological innovation and digital transformation. Our efforts to achieve net zero and decarbonization and to drive positive climate action will depend on the strategic implementation of emerging technologies such as blockchain and other new-age innovations.

“Sustex - Tech Innovation for Impact Climate Action,” the second part of the Sustex series, returns to Dubai with a vision to create impact in the climate action ecosystem. The event is hosted by Vostad and aimed at promoting tech for impact across the entire public and private domains. The conference is designed to offer necessary support and a platform for strategic opportunities, networking and knowledge dissemination to various communities wanting to nurture technological innovations for a sustainable future.

What’s happening at “Sustex - Tech Innovation for Impact Climate Action”?

At this year’s event, attendees will enjoy sessions delivered by tech and climate action experts in addition to regional stakeholders. This will be followed by insightful panel discussions with leading thought leaders alongside product and technology innovation showcases from leading tech enterprises.

The one-day event will focus on the following areas of importance:

  • Tech-relevant environmental, social and governance initiatives that will pave the way for a sustainable economy — critical actions that will be instrumental in driving the future of climate action.
  • Insights from key decision-makers and sustainable-technology experts from across the entire governance and industry ecosystem.
  • The creation of a framework to align core strategies in order to spearhead a net-zero roadmap from a national and international perspective.

The event will be held on March 16, 2023 in Dubai, from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm. Apply now on the Sustex website to reserve your spot for this exclusive event.

About Sustex

Sustex is a dedicated, curated community for technology in the sustainability space. It is organized and managed by Vostad, a company in the business of creating progressive opportunities. Sustex is designed to support the tech-for-sustainability ecosystem and is involved in the widespread adoption of futuristic innovation and technologies to drive sustainability.

About Vostad

Vostad is a leading global event, business excellence and industry catalyst focused on building a connected ecosystem of industries, technology and the future of our community. The company is committed to delivering curated platforms for a broad spectrum of business sectors with the relevant solutions and knowledge for which they aspire.


Zahid Mir

Co-founder of Sustex and Vostad