After nearly two and a half years of quarantine restrictions, Taiwan has finally reopened its borders to international visitors. Announced earlier this year in July, Taipei Blockchain Week reflected a major bet made by the Bu Zhi DAO on the reopening of international travel by the end of the year.

Bu Zhi DAO, in strategic partnership with Google Cloud and Avalanche, is hosting Taipei Blockchain Week 2022 with the support of the National Development Council and Taiwan Overseas Compatriots Foundation. Taipei Blockchain Week 2022 gathers leaders from around the world for keynotes, panel discussions and workshops from Dec. 12 through 17, 2022. The week starts with three days of conference programming on all topics Web3 and ends with a three-day developer bootcamp geared toward builders, founders and creators.

The event will host over 1,000 attendees, 70 speakers, 300 developers and over 20 side events around the city. The current speaker roster includes Ppl Pleasr from and PleasrDAO, Matt Sorg from Solana Foundation, Tom Schmidt from Dragonfly Capital, Kevin Lin from Twitch, Metatheory and GoldHouse, Josh Fraser from Origin Protocol, Fan Shen from Dapper Laps, Tammy Yang from Numbers Protocol, Patrick Lee from PKO Investments and Rotten Tomatoes, and Darius Sit from QCP, with many more to be announced. 

Bu Zhi DAO, a nonprofit DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), aims to highlight the best Web3 talent with a genuine interest in Taiwan and has spent the past year building relationships with those who support its mission to allow Taiwan to shine on the global Web3 stage. 

The conference portion of the event will commence Monday, Dec. 12 through 14, while a developer-focused bootcamp will continue from Dec. 15 through 17. As with all Web3 conferences, there will be a series of exciting side events specially curated by Bu Zhi DAO throughout the week including KTV, a speaker dinner, an art gallery, beer pong, an after-party and more to highlight Taiwan’s vibrant nightlife. 

Early-bird tickets are on sale now on the Taipei Blockchain Week website through NFT ticketing partner Moongate.

About Taipei Blockchain Week

Taipei Blockchain Week 2022 ‘Bridge’ brings together industry experts in the blockchain space to educate and empower Taiwan to become a growing hub for Web3 innovation. Working closely with local entities in Taipei, the event will be a collaborative effort to bridge knowledge, connections, learnings and culture within the crypto community.

About Bu Zhi DAO

Bu Zhi DAO is a collective of founders, builders, creators, and investors passionate about advancing Taiwan’s web3 ecosystem and culture. BZD is a nonprofit DAO that is Taiwan-focused, apolitical, inclusive and open to all. It focuses on connecting people, bridging Web2, Web3 and Taiwan with the world, creating educational content and building products for communities. Members consist of founders and employees from Coinbase, Avalanche,, Solana and OpenSea, to name a few. 


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