If 2015 was the year when many first heard about blockchain, 2016 was the year when many pretended to understand what it was, then 2017 will be the year when many try to apply it.

2016 saw the emergence of several open-source platforms for the financial services industry, several more platforms exist in the proprietary space, and many of these will head into open-source territory in 2017. Their proprietors will come to acknowledge that any chance of long-term success at the protocol level lies in the network effect.

Many enterprises also aware that blockchain technology could better help with their busniesses,TechShares decentralization exchange will allow all others to reach their highest potential: money.

Money is the lubricant of our economies and its value is in being the most frictionless asset of all. Unregulated cryptocurrencies have outperformed fiat currency in this regard and the financial world has woken up to this.

TechShares decentralization exchange will allow other financial instruments such as bonds, equities, derivatives, to be migrated to the same blockchain and permit a plethora of use cases to come to full fruition.

We will see the custodians of our fiat currencies, central banks, move closer to harnessing the power of blockchain technology for the benefit of entire economies.


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