The “Asian Blockchain Mining Round Table Conference” was held recently, calling on the industry to collaborate globally to support and promote renewable energy mining.

Many practitioners from the field attended the conference for the first time to discuss how to better regulate Bitcoin mining, support and practice the concept of “green mining.”

The participants included representatives from mining machine manufacturers, listed companies and many opinion leaders from the blockchain industry.

Multiple parties at the meeting reached a consensus that the practice of green mining is not only the responsibility of a certain company or a region but also the obligatory social responsibility of the entire industry.

The representatives of all parties also made a statement that the mining machine manufacturers will be committed to developing and producing mining machines of lower consumption. Mining companies and pools will also jointly encourage Bitcoin miners to adopt clean and green energy and technology with the mining industry.

As conference participants, the representative companies of blockchain mining in Asia will also collaborate with counterparts from all over the world such as the North American Bitcoin Mining Council in the future. While promoting the globalization of computing power, they will jointly promote standardizing the disclosure of Bitcoin mining energy consumption in order to achieve the goal of renewable energy mining faster.