We hope, that you’re informed on the current Bitcoin issues. Transaction fee is extremely high. Nowadays, the network only facilitates 3 transaction per second instead of required 3000-10000 and there is still no single solution on up-scaling the network. If you take into account officially suggested options and censorship on major informational resources - it’s clear, that Bitcoin is being divided among some huge organizations, which act exclusively in their own financial interests.
The absence of decentralization leads to an uncertainty in terms of network security.

What are the differences between “Altcoin” and “Forkcoin”

“Altcoins” are not duplicating balances of bitcoin users. On the other hand, “forkcoins” are duplicating balances, and in order to access your early coin accumulation, you need to use same private keys, which were used before the “fork” release.
Significant difference is focused on the ability of including capitalisation of “fork-coins” into capitalisation (i.e. market price) of the bitcoin.

Our solution

We suggest to make a decisive step towards Bitcoin future, with the help of “Hard-fork”, which can be carried out anytime and is not limited with certain dates or other party’s opinions.

Issues, related to up-scaling of the network are being solved by implementing all best achievements, which created in “altcoins”
As for decentralization - it is being achieved by changing the hash algorithm (Triple SHA256, for instance) for graphics and based mining and with a future opportunity of using various gadgets at the same time.
We had to stick to the original ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto, as best as we can, where it is possible. On this stage we upgrade at least 2 elements: decentralized mining, based on GPU-type graphics card, which provides way more secure network and less risk of attacks. Clients (i.e. software), which are written by different teams provide less risk of having mistakes in a bitcoin code.

  • Entire balances and private keys of users must be saved.

  • Economic model should remain the same. (Coin generation, 21 mil coin limit, etc.)

Bitcoin should obtain all the best, from “Altcoin”!

There are a lot of great improvements in “altcoins”, which are oriented on an anonymity, speed of transactions confirmation and efficient history storing. Unambiguous, clear list of what needs to be included is not formed yet, and will depend on developers.

We support any “fork-coins” which are oriented on an up-scaled Bitcoin available for everybody.

Our initiative is non-commercial. We do not receive any profits from “fork-coins” at the same time, with different technical specifications.

How do we expect it to develop?

Nowadays, we have such parties, as Blockstream/Core, Bitcoin Unlimited, “altcoin” developers.

Step 1

As soon as the hard fork takes place, new Bitcoin costs

Step 2

This reaction varies, and changes the price of the new bitcoin up to 1-10$. Carefully will join such parties as: “Bitcoin Unlimited”, “Classic” and “XP”, because they truly realize the essence of changes. Without “HardFork”, they simply act in a standby mode.
Now, they fully implement code into real life. Also a few alternative “clients” appear which are not supported only by us, and as a consequence, the whole Bitcoin software is gradually improving in terms of reliability. “GPU” miners are also joining, because such activity as mining now provides a level of income which can be compared to Ethereum/ZCASH and potential rate growth predicts huge profit. Huge bitcoin owners will also join, because their ownership over 10-100k gains tangible value.

Step 3

Rate grows up to a couple hundreds of dollars per new bitcoin. “Altcoin” developers are joining - a lot of them couldn’t notice how promising was the old bitcoin, and as a consequence - they left the project.

Huge Bitcoin owners, such as Winklewoss brothers become more and more interested in it. Mining activity is also profitable and leads to even bigger exchange rate for new coins in the future.

In my opinion, “Forkcoin” capitalisation will be equal to an old coin in about 2-3 years.

Return free network transactions!

Due to our calculations, which will be published later, bitcoin is being on the increase and a certain part of transactions will be included into blocks without any commissions. Even though, we’ll need fee for the major part of the transactions in order to have “spam” protection.

In case you are…

Developer. You have an opportunity to have a direct influence on future bitcoins technical realization.
Investor. On initial stages, “Forkcoin” would be drastically undervalued. As for the future - the new bitcoin would push the existing bitcoin. There are two options. First, is to buy bitcoin now and after the “fork based activity” total evaluation of all forks will exceed current evaluation. Second option is to buy only “fork-coins” while they are cheap, and observe how they develop.

Miner. Mining activity would be available on affordable equipment, such as graphics cards and miner can actually influence on various key-decisions through “forks” development.

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Bitcoin myths

1) Blockchain base will grow forever.

As for bitcoins, there are 21 million of coins, and each coin can be divided into 100 million of shares. Even though, that the general amount of shares is huge , it is still finite. And in order to store all balances with maximum amount of shares, only a few modern hard drives are required.

2) Bitcoin is gold, not a payment system/service.

Satoshi Nakamoto always saw Bitcoin as a system of electronic cash, that’s how he described it in “Bitcoin Whitepaper”

3) Bitcoin doesn’t keep up with modern technology.

Just as you switch your cell-phone as it gets older, but you save your cell-phone number, with bitcoin, you can save your coins (private keys), while switching to a new software.


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