Luxembourg, March 30th, 2021 – The Luxembourg Blockchain Week is a one-week conference organized by the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab, the single point of contact to consolidate and federate the blockchain ecosystem in Luxembourg. 

The Luxembourg Blockchain Lab along with its five founding members Infrachain — Lëtzblock, The LHoFT, LIST and SnT — believe that the adoption of blockchain technology will have a significant impact on our daily lives. No matter the industry, blockchain will give access to services that were inaccessible before. The goal of the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab is to translate the promise of Blockchain into concrete results. 

The launch edition of the Luxembourg Blockchain Week features a uniquely designed one-week program of concrete blockchain applications in various sectors that are key to Luxembourg and Europe: logistics, health, technology, research and development, finance, public sector, climate, digital assets. The audience will get a unique oversight of the technology’s potential and its impact on citizens and businesses. 

The Luxembourg Blockchain Week is honored to have the support from the prime minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, who will make the inauguration speech, as well as from the minister of finance Pierre Gramegna, who will present the finance stream’s keynote. 

The Luxembourg Blockchain Week will take place from April 26 to 30 in a digital format, which will be accessible worldwide. 

The Luxembourg Blockchain Week is sponsored by Infrachain, Lëtzblock, The LHoFT, LIST, SnT and Nomadic Labs. 

The Luxembourg Blockchain Lab is thrilled to welcome Boston as the guest city of the event. The Boston Blockchain Association will contribute to insightful discussions by bringing their experience from the United States of America. 

The tickets are free in order to give access to everybody to the knowledge about blockchain technology and can be found here:

Bettel said:

“Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies but also about helping us reach our sustainable development goals, securing our health data and enabling more resilient supply chains. I’m excited to see Luxembourg’s blockchain success stories during this year’s blockchain week. It is amazing to see what we can achieve when we bundle up our forces behind an alliance like the Blockchain Lab.”

Emilie Allaert, project lead of the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab, added:

“Luxembourg has a growing blockchain ecosystem which is being nurtured and sees a variety of applications in a number of industries. The Luxembourg Blockchain Lab wants to deliver concrete solutions to various industries. Raising awareness about the technology is also one of our missions, and we hope the Luxembourg Blockchain Week will help newbies and experts discover and embrace the potential of the technology.” 

Eric Roux, board member of the Boston Blockchain Association, stated:

“The Boston Blockchain Association is honored to be the partner city for Luxembourg Blockchain Week. Just as Luxembourg is a financial and technology leader within Europe, Boston is a financial and technology leader within the Americas. Together we will continue to move blockchain technology forward, strengthening and improving our local economies, as well as the global economy.” 

Michel Mauny, president of Nomadic Labs — the largest research and development center within the Tezos ecosystem in France — added:

“Following our recent participation in the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Luxembourg by joining Infrachain, we are pleased to support the Luxembourg Blockchain Week. This event, open to all and based on sharing knowledge and experience, is part of Nomadic Labs’ vision of an inclusive and broad blockchain ecosystem and illustrates the spirit that animates Tezos’ global community.” 

About the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab 

The Luxembourg Blockchain Lab is an initiative that was launched at the end of 2019 to federate the Luxembourg blockchain ecosystem. It aims at creating one single point of contact for all queries related to blockchain. The lab offers to various industries an insight on concrete solutions, their impact on business and their interest for the public (expert or beginner). Learn more about the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab at and follow us on Twitter @BlockchainLabLU

About the Boston Blockchain Association 

The Boston Blockchain Association is a community of innovators, collaborators and entrepreneurs excited about the promise of blockchain technology. Our mission is to build an ecosystem that supports, educates, promotes and advances blockchain technology. It aims at establishing Greater Boston as an international hub for blockchain innovation. Finally, it supports and connects entrepreneurs with useful resources. 

About Nomadic Labs 

Nomadic Labs is one of the largest research and development centers within the Tezos ecosystem. Based in Paris, it brings together more than 50 engineering researchers working on the development and evolution of the Tezos protocol. Nomadic Labs helps companies, institutions and industrials to use the Tezos blockchain for their business needs, providing technical support in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Learn more about Nomadic Labs at and follow us on Twitter @LabosNomades

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