From its inception, Play It Forward DAO has made its commitment to a more streamlined, user-friendly, inclusive metaverse crystal clear. The team behind the project has laid out a plan to create an online hub and community where play-to-earn gamers can connect, share resources and earn more together. But it’s not just about the gamers. Investors and guild managers will also benefit from investing in Play It Forward DAO’s PIF tokens since their value is poised to grow inside the metaverse.

This makes participation in the PIF token launch auction a major event for anyone interested in the future of the metaverse.

Our priority is for a fair, community-first launch, and we are thrilled to announce that Play It Forward DAO’s token launch auction will commence on Jan. 19 on Copper Launch.

An overview of the PIF token launch auction

Start date: Jan. 19, 2022, at 21:00 pm GMT+8

End date: Jan. 22, 2022, at 21:00 pm GMT+8

Sale Duration: Three days (72 hours)

Platform: Copper Launch

Start price: $1.14

End price: $0.06

Minimum purchase amount: None

Accepted Currencies: USD Coin (USDC), Wrapped Ether (wETH), Dai

Blockchain: ERC-20

Initial Pooled: 50 million PIF/3 million USDC

Start Weight: 95% PIF/5% USDC

End Weight: 50% PIF/50% USDC

Contract Address: [TBC]

Where will the PIF IDO launch?

The PIF launch will take place on the Copper Launch platform, a leading token auction site designed with fairness and transparency in mind. Copper Launch doesn’t give priority to buyers with more resources to invest. And since it doesn’t issue tokens via intermediaries or based on geography, every buyer approaches the launch on an equal playing field.

When the token launch auction starts, PIF’s price will naturally decay over time, following a predetermined trajectory if no buyers interact with the contract. However, as buyers purchase the token, the downward pull will be counteracted by demand, slowing the price decrease and even pushing it up. After market forces have had their way, the price will eventually settle. Buyers can purchase tokens any time that the auction is live.

What do I need at launch?

If you want to participate in the PIF token launch auction, you’ll need to make sure you have a couple of things ready:

  • You’ll need one of the following Ethereum compatible wallets: MetaMask, Ledger, Gnosis Safe or WalletConnect. All four of these wallets will work with Copper Launch.
  • You’ll need to have your wallet connected to the Ethereum network, and you’ll want enough cryptocurrency in your wallet to cover your tokens and the gas fee. If you don’t have enough in your wallet at the time of the transaction to cover both, the transaction will fail to complete. Accepted cryptocurrencies include Ether (ETH), wETH, USDC and Dai.

While you don’t have to complete these steps in advance, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have everything in place before the initial coin offering to ensure the fewest obstacles as possible.

How do I join the launch?

Once the PIF token launch auction begins, you’ll log on to the PIF auction page found here: 

Next, you’ll connect your wallet to the Copper Launch website. Please approve the site to spend your tokens for purchase.

Then, you’ll swap the cryptocurrency in your wallet with PIF tokens. Remember: You will need to cover a gas fee for this transaction in addition to the token’s price.

You’ll need to wait a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. Once confirmed, you’ll find your new PIF tokens in your wallet after waiting a few moments.

By following those simple steps, you’ll be a PIF token holder and a member of the Play It Forward DAO. As updates come and governance decisions eventually move to the community, you’ll be first in line to enjoy Play It Forward’s benefits and make decisions about its future.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Play It Forward DAO community and joining us in our mission to make playing more rewarding and building a plug-and-play metaverse

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a unique combination of a guild management platform and a large-scale guild of over 3,000 scholars (PIF Guild). Allowing broad access to play-to-earn gaming, PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a plug-and-play metaverse. We are an ecosystem whose participants can track their performance across all games and build up immutable profiles for the pursuit of opportunities. Play It Forward, play-to-earn made easy.

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