From stories of 10,000 Bitcoin pizzas, to people buying Lambos with Bitcoin: have you wondered how crypto millionaires ever got so rich?

It’s because they bought in at low prices before everyone found out about it. Back in 2012, Bitcoin was worth only $10. Today, it’s well over $6100. That’s a 600x return on your money. If you only put in $1000, that would be worth over $600k today. A small initial sum could have made you millions in the long run. These cryptos are quite expensive now, and investors don’t expect 600x returns anymore on the major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Without a doubt, the hottest crypto right now is Ethereum. It was worth $10 last year, and is worth over $300 today, and still grows steadily. The biggest companies are building amazing applications on top of Ethereum, like JP Morgan and Microsoft. These tech giants have actually formed a blockchain alliance to support Ethereum. Their blockchain alliance is comprised of JP Morgan Chase, Intel, and Microsoft. IBM and Goldman Sachs are getting involved with cryptocurrency as well. There’s a huge market for applications being built on top of Ethereum.

Imagine all the apps for Ethereum, on top of a single platform: Welcome to Appian, the App Store for Ethereum.

Appian is being developed into the App Store for Ethereum. Appian is taking advantage of this huge market by launching a product where developers can deploy their applications, and users can use their applications in exchange for APP tokens. These APP tokens are used as currency on the platform, and will grow in value along with the Ethereum apps’ popularity. Ethereum’s future looks promising, and applications on top of Ethereum are likely to expand.

Appian is currently holding a crowdsale, which ends this week. To join, check it out here.

APP tokens are limited, and none will be created or distributed after this week ends.

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