The innovative NFT event will take place in Latin America and soon travel around the world, showcasing a new way of thinking and conceiving art.

A true artistic revolution is approaching through Vibrant, an event that provides a unique experience with NFTs front and center of impressive exhibitions. Closely linked to the revolution of NFTs erupting as artistic pieces, Vibrant’s novel concept of art has surprised and inspired the community. 

Vibrant’s debut will be symbolically held at an Argentinian museum, merging architecture of old with contemporary digital art concepts. The space will be technically enhanced in various ways, including mapping, lighting, screens and immersive experiences. 

Paintings from the turn of the 20th century will be juxtaposed with NFTs that have their sights set on a new skyline. Past and future I’m will be intertwined into a harmonious coexistence of both visions, resulting in a new artistic phenomenon.

The dazzling exhibition of NFTs is a result of careful curatorship of artworks that feature artists from all over the world. One of the most talented participants to be exhibited is Ludo, the multi-award-winning French artist recognized for his digital work, “RIP Banking System,” depicting a Bitcoin flower. He was chosen by Paris Saint-Germain — one of the world’s most well-known soccer clubs — to create a set of nonfungible tokens to better strengthen the connection between the club and its fans via blockchain technology.

Vibrant will schedule multiple conferences with today’s most current topics: the Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, the future of NFTs, the creation of digital art and benefits of blockchain technology. These topics and more will be featured in debates led by experts in their field.

The objective of the event is bringing a new way of producing and perceiving art to the general public, as well as generating a dialogue between those directly involved in this art movement and those who are interested in the arts, thereby nourishing new cultural expressions. 

Finally, Vibrant’s events will be complete with a series of artistic installations on the streets and/or public spaces of the cities hosting the event, challenging the audience to familiarize and immerse itself in the experience. In fact, the city of Rosario — Vibrant’s first venue — has already bloomed with artistic expression in the last few days.

Event details

The first edition of Vibrant will take place in Argentina, a Latin American country that is firmly positioned in the crypto world. On June 24 and 25, the city of Rosario will be shaken with a breakthrough in the arts.

It is organized by artists and producers from the region in partnership with companies and projects that promote the event, such as the local exchange Fi Wind and the project (a Web3 Discord alternative for community engagement and growth). Vibrant has also been made possible thanks to Dfinity Foundation’s community awards program.

Once the event has taken place, an expansion of the project is planned: Vibrant events will be carried out first across the American continent, then arrive in Europe later in the year.

Open call

In the first few days of the current open call, a great amount and wide diversity of proposals have already been received from different parts of the planet. Artworks from the United States, Italy, Australia and Brazil are already looking to be among the five that will be selected soon. Artists can participate in Vibrant by submitting a collection.

Selected artists will have an exhibition slot during the two days of Vibrant. Furthermore, they will be able to publish their work free of charge in Entrepot, the main marketplace of Internet Computer, and will be part of a mentoring process in which specialists from different fields will guide artists in the creative, diffusion and marketing process of their collection.

The art world in general, and the one related to crypto art in particular, is anxiously awaiting the event. This generation of new expressions, the possibility of growth of emerging artists and the new forms of expanded consciousness proposed by Vibrant promises a true revolution, producing the art of the future — today.