Salt Lake City Venture Capital Firm Introduces New Community-Based Currency for Local Business.

Continuing its tradition of innovation, a Paris and Salt Lake City-based wealth management company is introducing a new “crypto-currency” specifically for small businesses and their communities.

You’ve heard of BitCoin, now Genevieve & Cie is bringing cryptocurrency to small businesses and their communities in the form of “Gx Coins.” Genevieve & Cie CEO, Fabien Dureuil, recognized an opportunity for small businesses in an industry that may have been out of their reach in the past, “Cryptocurrency can be difficult for small businesses for a number of reasons like time, technology, or an understanding of finances,” explains Dureuil, “early adoption of this new cryptocurrency can lead to funding, accepting a new form of payment, introduction to a new customer base, as well as avoiding application processes, bank fees for transactions, interest and commission.”

With Gx Coin, the community shares resources, knowledge and ideas, and provides real-time feedback to participating businesses. This decentralization empowers businesses to be more active and aware, facilitating contributions directly to the local economy and empowering anyone to own part of these small businesses.

Genevieve provides an open selection and audit of small businesses and invests in those businesses who meet certain criteria-- those that make economical sense, those in areas that have prospective growth, and businesses that make an impact in the community (ethics, action and interaction). Genevieve also works with the businesses’ executives to create their own token, prepare a strategic business plan, and create the roadmap necessary to succeed.

Finally, Genevieve will work to create and release the appropriate material as well as operating as the platform to successfully launch the ICO of the select companies. At each launch, Genevieve will participate in anywhere from 10-25% depending of the size of the ICO.

Dureuil detailed why now is the ideal time for a community-based crypto-currency, “the emergence of services based on smart contracts, such as Bancor, represents a breakthrough in creating the liquidity and stability necessary to establish trust and catalyze the emergence of new initiatives.”

A common concern among crypto-currency investors has been volatility and inflation. In this, Dureuil sees perhaps the greatest advantage for Gx Coin. ”Small business is, and will always be, a good way to protect token owners against speculation and inflation."

Since its incorporation in 2014, Genevieve & Cie made it their specialty and main goal to incorporate wealth into small businesses who need the stability to grow and serve their community. “Small businesses are the true wealth of our society and economy”. Genevieve Co is putting forth their best effort to catalyze and unleash this locomotive by combining the best of technology and finance.

Presale (prelaunch) for Gx Coin will be launched at 10PM PST July 5, 2017 and end 12am PST July 24th. Visit a website to access the presale.

The ICO will be launched at 10PM PST August 25th, 2017.

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Specializing in wealth management and venture capital, Genevieve Co Works with clientele on a global basis from its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Paris and Singapore.


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